Posted by: Mer Pints | May 25, 2012

Viva Jessica Sanchez, My American and “World Idol”

Jessica Sanchez, American Idol first runner up (Courtesy Yahoo News)

I am one of those millions of fans and supporters of Jessica Sanchez who cCried and have an slepless night because she was not lucky enough to get the crown American Idol title for 2012. Like the bulk of her avid fans who haven’t fail to watch her compete I prayed hard for her to win, but that wasn’t so.

And I am not the only one who cried, I know a lot cried cried cried for dear Jessica Sanchez.

I called my friend Segundina and expressed her my sadness only to hear her laugh at the end of the line. She is for Phillip, that white guy with a guitar who emerged the winner.

The more I cried, and out of frustration I yelled at her. “Magsama na kayo ng Phillip mo!”

I called my other friends who are avid followers of Jessica too and like me they were also crying.

Yes, I felt the whole Philippines was crying yesterday but one Segundina who was smiling and singing the whole day because her favorite idol won.

My sadness was a little bit relieved when I saw a short clip of a child named Laney sobbing loudly because Jessica did not make it in the final round of the American Idol.

“Jessica didn’t win,” said the girl while sobbing. “It is [a big deal].”

I felt it was funny when Laney then threw a book and hid under her blanket out of frustration.

When asked by the one taking the video (I guess) if she wanted to call and complain to the “Idol”  about the results, “No, you do it by yourself,” she said while kicking the floor.

Dito na ako natawa ng husto at gumaan ang aking pakiramdam kahit papaano.

Din an ako nagbukas ng aking twitter, pero alam ko marami ding nadismaya tungkol sa di pagkapanalo ni Jessica.

And I don’t want it to call a defeat, I know Jessica did not make it but was not defeated in terms of talent, but because of huge teens votes in America who could relate to the style and brand of songs sang by the “white guy with a guitar” Phillips.

But suffice to hear it from Miss Lea Salonga in an interview with ABS-CBN News:

“I don’t think anybody should feel sad. I mean, she has been watched by millions and millions and millions of viewers around the world, and that’s exposure that you cannot buy. And she’s very young, she’s 16 years old, and she has a bright future”

“For so many people who just want to get their foot in the door, she’s [already] gotten her whole self through the door, and I think she’s made her family very proud. She should be very proud for everything she has done,” she added.

And come to think of Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holliday performing together like twin towers of vocal power is so terrific. It’s just like hearing a blend of heaven’s melody and  earth’s thundering voice at its best; a prelude on what to see ahead on this Idol’s runner up singing career in the future.

Kaya tignan natin sa bandang huli, sisikat din ang aking idol na si Jessica Sanchez katuad nina Leas Salonga, Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda and to all the great singers ever known all over the world.

And to you Segundina, tignan lang natin kung hanggang saan aabot iyan idol mo.



  1. Congratulations Jessica, my American and “World Idol”

  2. I like Phillip Phillips, but for me, he’ll do well to be the third placer. Joshua and Jessica deserved to compete on finals.

    Anyway, Jessica sang the worst songs on the finale; it’s a disappointment. Whilst Phillip sang songs that gave chills

  3. Thanks MM

  4. philips won not by talent but popularity among the teenage girls. did he not admit he is not a great singer?

  5. at sumikat talaga nang bonggang bongga si Phillip Phillips hanggang ngayon..he is touring with Johnny mayer till december aside from his sold out college concerts..he already toured in europe to promote his isa pa, platinum na po ang debut album nya…

  6. ano ba ang na achieve ni jessica so far?her album reportedly floped

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