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Kuya, Pag-ingatan mo si Manoy(The Price of a Busted Penis)

Usapang Nurse Lang (Nurses’ Stories )

Women with flat breasts usually go to a cosmetic surgeon for breast enhancement/enlargement operation. Men followed. Nowadays anybody who is not contented with the size and length of his penis may go to a cosmetic surgeon to achieve the desired size and length.

Many men believe that having a short and small penis is a limitation to their masculinity. It does not look good for a man to have a short and small penis because it makes him less attractive to women. But experts have contrary observation. It is not the size but how you do it according to a Filipino doctor who is a regular blogger. To some men to hell is the size; what matters is your capacity to sustain your erection, After all one expert said that even an inch of a penis can even tickle a hard to please partner.

But why do men resort to cosmetic surgery for penile enlargement (lengthening?) and suffer all the consequencies of a failure? It is pride, not so much with pleasure as others may think. You can draw the same sensation with any size of penis, experts explain. Too bad some have experienced failure before they can enjoy the benefit of cosmetic surgery for penile enlargement.

Read an interesting story below.


Patient seeks P25M in Damages for ‘Bad’ Penis Enlargement

A patient whose penile enlargement surgery went wrong has accused cosmetic surgeon Dr. Manny Calayan of medical malpractice and incompetence. 

Patient Louem Martinez said Friday that he will not leave the Philippines until he sees the cosmetic surgeon behind bars.

“I plan to stay in Manila as long as it takes. I might go to the United States to get more money, but I will take Calayan all the way to the Supreme Court,” Martinez said in an interview over radio dzMM after attending the preliminary investigation at the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office.

Martinez filed complaints of estafa, reckless imprudence resulting to serious physical injury, and obstruction of justice against Calayan after his penile enlargement operation went wrong. He also asked P25 million in total damages.

Calayan’s lawyer Regie Ukol told dzMM in a separate interview that Makati prosecutor Dennis Rasa denied their motion for physical examination on Martinez.

Ukol said Calayan wanted to make sure that Martinez is not inventing his penis’ supposed deformity.

The lawyer had said that Martinez’s private part got swollen and deformed after he failed to follow Calayan’s advise not to have sex after one month of the operation.

‘I did not have sex’

Martinez denied that he boasted of having three girlfriends all at the same time as he belied Calayan’s allegation that he had sex days after the penile enlargement operation.

“Calayan said I was okay to have sex after one week. How can I have sex after one week? My penis was so swollen. How could I have sex when my penis is swollen, and it hurts,” the penile enlargement patient said.

He said he took all the medicine prescribed by Calayan and he also massaged his penis as advised by the cosmetic surgeon.

“I massaged it like he did. A month later, I hadn’t had sex,” he said.

The operation was conducted Sept. 25, 2007 and Calayan said he last saw the patient six days (October 1) after the operation. The doctor claimed that Martinez’s penis looked okay at that time.

Martinez, however, said he went back to Calayan on Oct. 19, 2007, and complained about his painful and deformed penis.

“I complained and he said, ‘Just give it time,’” Martinez said.

Untouchable Calayan

Martinez said he waited until he felt hopeless because his penis was not returning to its original form.

“The last time I saw him, I was so pissed off and I said I’m making it public. He said: You cannot touch me,” he said.

Martinez said Calayan boasted that his clients are all famous in the Philippines, including congressmen and celebrity people.

Martinez said that instead of getting scared, he “got really mad and pissed off,” and decided to file complaints against the doctor.


The Philippine Medical Association said the ingredient used to enlarge Martinez’s penies, aquagel, is migratory, which means that it doesn’t stay in one place and crawls to other parts of the body.

Martinez said that during consultations, Calayan told him he will inject aquagel to his penis.

He said the doctor assured him that aquagel is medically-proven in the United States and in the Bureau of Food and Drugs in the Philippines.

However, in a phone interview over dzMM’s “Pasada 630” on Thursday, Calayan said he injected aquamid into Martinez’s penis, which the doctor said is widely used for penile enlargement.

“Now he’s story is changing again. Dr. Calayan, stop lying. Just admit to what you did,” Martinez said.

The patient also denied that Calayan advised him of the possible bad effects of the operation.

He said he was the one who told Calayan that “fat and skin transfer” is being used in the US.

“He said ‘You know I’ll do better than that. We will use aquagel,’” Martinez said quoting Calayan. He said that since Calayan is a respected cosmetic surgeon in the country, he believe him and agreed to the operation.

Martinez said that his penis is still swollen and the supposed aquagel has reached his scrotum.

“It’s in my scrotum. It’s basically all over my penis,” he said, adding that he can feel his private part “vibrating” during the radio interview.

He said he is set to undergo a three-part operation to be conducted by a Dr. Cruz.

He said the damage done by Calayan’s operation on his penis is so big, that he has to undergo multiple surgery.

Martinez said he decided to correct his badly-enlarge penis in the Philippines, so he can use it as evidence against Calayan.

He said he can also ask the doctor to testify for him and use as evidence whatever will be taken out from his penis.

Won’t settle

Martinez said that one of Calayan’s doctor approached him and offered “millions of pesos” to settle the case.

He said he refused the offer because he is rich and doesn’t need the money.

“It’s too late. You cannot settle with me. I will see you in court. I want to see you in jail,” he said.

Martinez made the revelation as he claimed that Ukol was denying to the reporters who covered the preliminary investigation that Calayan did not make such offer.

In a news report published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Calayan’s other lawyer, Siegfried Fortun, was quoted as saying the cosmetic surgeon “still considers the complainant his patient.”

Fortun was also quoted saying Calayan’s clinic has approached Martinez for a possible out-of-court settlement.

The lawyer, however, did not mention how much was being offered to Martinez.

(From ABS-CBN News).

Ang “Nasirang si Manoy”

Nakapanghihinayang naman na dahil lang sa iyong kagustuhan na lumaki at humaba ang iyong “kargada” ay bigla na lang itong masisira o di kaya ay iiksi dahil lang sa nagkamali at nabigo ang doktor sa pago-oopera niya ng iyong “kuwan.” Buwiset! Excited pa namang nagaabang ang iyong mga girlfriends para sila ay iyong pasikatan at kiligin sa mahaba at malaking mo ng  “kuwan.” Pero, dahil sa nabigo si dok, ayan nagagalit na sila sa iyo. Isinusumpa na nila ang araw na ikaw ay kanilang nakilala. Kawawang manoy, ito ngayon ang iyong iniiyakan at labis labis na pinagsisisihan…

Kawawang dok, gusto lang makatulong pero nangyari na ang di dapat mangyari. Parang isang birhen na sa itinagal-tagal ng panahon na kanyang iningatan ang sarili, bumagsak lang sa kamay ng isang rapist. Sino ang gustong magdusa ng ganito na lang dahil sa kapalpakan ng isang doktor? Sabi nga ni doc.bobonyo sa isang thread sa Cocoy’s Delight, “if the symptoms persist insult your doctor.” Gumastos ka na nga ng malaki malaki pa ang naging pinsala sa iyo.

Wala akong taong tinutukoy dito, wala rin akong sinisisi. Ni wala akong pinapanigan dahil hindi ko alam ang buong katotohanan. Ang aking sinasabi lang dito ay magingat kayo mga anak ni Adan sa kagustuhan ninyong lumaki ang paghanga sa inyo ng mga anak ni Eba. Wala sa laki at haba ng “kuwan” ang nakapagpapaligaya kay “Evangeline”,  nasa pagkatao at pagiging maunawain ni Adan. For all you know 2 inches lang ay abot na sa gloria si Manay.



  1. Mga kuya mag-ingat kayo. Mahirap na baka mawala pa si Manoy. Paano na lang si Manay?

    • bali pag wala na yung sa kanya tayung 2 nalang hindi ka mag sisisi sakin

  2. ang ari ay iniingatan at di pinakikialama.

    Penile enlargement procedures won’t be able to lengthen or fatten your penis in great leangths anyway. and I think it is better to mess around with you kidneys, eyes, ears and lungs as you have two of them. but the family treasure should be left alone to do it’s job big or small.

  3. Art,
    Thank your for the visit. At salamat din for the comments. I hope many of our friends will learn from it. Dapat nga hindi pinakikialaman ang ginawa ng Diyos sa katawan ng bawat isa sa atin, men and women alike. You are very much welcome here. Thank you.

  4. hay naku dapat kasi sumunod sa doktor nyo at kung may problema,bumalik agad at hindi agad magsampa ng kaso para masaya ang lahat.d naman basta basta gagawa si doc calayan ng maili dahil doctor to the stars sha at respetado sa industriya ng pgapapaganda lalo na sa mga ta-artits

  5. Korek ka diyan janxi. Huwag pairalin ang kalibogan kung gusto mong umasenso sa haba at laki ng iyong instrumento.

  6. kawawa naman c manoy?lumaki nga pero d na makatayo…pano na yan??d na tuloy maramdaman ni eva ang pag pasok ng kuwan ni manoy>>>

  7. Hi zalds, salamat at nakadalaw ka dito. Dalasdalasan mo lang at may follow-up pa si Manoy, he-he-he.

    Anyway, may kasabihan tayo–naghangad ng isang dangkal pero isang dipa naman ang nawala.

    Hindi naman lahat kasi ng mga anak ni Eva ay naghahangad ng mahaba. Kahit maliit lang at maiksi kung astig, aba parang natornado ka sa sarap.

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  12. sayang naman…kaya ako ok na ako sa 6 inches ayoko nang humaba pa ng ganun 8 or more..hehehe…wala naman sa laki un diba?nasa performance un…

  13. ay tama p0h..iyan sa akin alaga e2 0k na 0k..2

  14. Dalaga po pa ako pero sasagutin ko na kayo sa inyong mga sinabi. Hindi kailangan ang mahabang ari. A 4 inches may do. Kasi pagdating sa orgasm hindi naman kailangan ang mahaba, ulo lang puwedi na at masarap na masarap pa. Personally ayaw ko sa mahahabang ari, doon ako sa maliit ngunit matigas at makulit, hehehe. Ipagpatawad na ninyo hanggang imagination pa lang tayo, hehehe. Pero kung ako ay maki-pag sex susukatin ko muna kung hindi hahaba sa pitong pulgada ang aring papasok sa akin, hehehe.

    • Napaka swerte naman ng lalaking yan bukod sa pretty, you also look smart and sexy…

  15. size matters

  16. Mahirap kase pag medyo chubby ka. Minsan kala mo eh sobrang liit ni pototoy kya hanap ng aternatibong paraan

  17. Iyong kumpare ko noong bata bata pa siy ay maraming babaeng humahabo sa kanya. Ngayong tumanda na at tumaba ay hinahabol pa rin siya para huming ng sustento sa mga naanakan niya, hehehe

  18. Subukan nyo yung mga Penis Enlargement or mga Erection Cream or supplements. nakuha ko mga supplies ko sa hindi naman nakakahiya kasi nag deliver din sila and naka discreet packaging.

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