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How to Save Money for the Rainy Days; Magtipid Tayo Para Umunlad ang Buhay

Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon dala ng mga kalamidad na sumira ng ating mga kabuhayan na dulot ng mga bagyo, ulang habagat, lindol, landslide at pagbaha. Ngayon ay daratin ng naman ang EL Nino. At kapag di tayo handa  emotionally at financially katakot-takot na crisis na naman at ating aabotin nito.

Solusyon, magtipid! Magipon kong kinakailangan.


Ito ang mga tips galing kay Lauren Fernandez na kanyang ipinoste sa yahoo

Pitong Paraan ng Pagtitipid, Bow:

1. Squirrel away come payday.
Instead of hitting the nearest department store to celebrate payday, hit a separate savings account. “On payday itself, before I get a chance to shop, I immediately withdraw a few thousand bucks and put it into another account which I don’t touch,” says Joanne Enriquez, a mother, art director, and book designer. Follow suit and make it a habit to set aside at least one fourth of your salary and deposit it in a passbook-style account, so you can’t access it so easily.

2. At supermarkets, shop below eye level.
“All the premium and pricier brands are all placed at eye-level on supermarket shelves,” reveals Enriquez. “So I pick the products that are below or above those items, as they cost less. Household basics like sponges, detergent, and dishwashing liquid do the same job, anyway!”

3. Walk, don’t ride.
The next time you have to go to a nearby restaurant at lunch, or if the bus and FX terminal is less than a kilometer away from your subdivision, forego the taxi or tricycle ride, and walk instead to your destination. By nixing your lunchtime taxi, you’ll save at least P1,600 a month, and P19,200 a year. And by not riding a tricycle, you’ll save about P784 a month, or P9,408 a year. Plus, you’ll be healthier—and slimmer, too.

4. Shop your closet.
Before you buy another dress for a party, check your closet first. Always look at your wardrobe with a fresh eye, and spend your weekends coming up with new pairings using your existing clothes. You can also log on to fashion blogs and websites to get ideas on how to dress. A new outfit including shoes may cost you P5,000, an “old-new” outfit from your closet, zero.

5. Make going out extra-special.

Meaning, you’ll only go out on extra-special occasions. “I used to go drinking or do videoke with my cousins every Saturday, without fail, and that used to cost us at least P1,500 per person,” Dino Gramonte, an IT specialist, recounts. “Now we only go out when we’re celebrating someone’s birthday, or for a despedida. That saves me about P6,000 a month.”

6. Forego the fancy drinks.
If you always order a fruit shake at lunch, and if you grab a tall mocha latte on your way to work, this may be setting you back at least P150 a day, or a whopping P3,000 a month! A fancy drink is always an unnecessary expense—and it may be adding unnecessary calories as well. “I bring my own thermos of home-brewed coffee to work,” says Enriquez, who admits she can’t get through the day without a coffee fix. “If it gets cold, I just transfer it to a mug and microwave it!” Or just ask the waiter for plain, free, H2O.

7. When you think of buying a bag, think of buying a house.

This may sound strange at first, but this is just a play on reverse psychology. The next time you’re itching to buy a new cellphone or “it” bag even if you don’t need it, convert the unit price of your impulse buy into the big-ticket investment you’re dreaming of. Just imagine: 14 fancy cellphones, or 11 designer bags equals P350,000—often the cost of a nice secondhand car, or the minimum deposit needed to purchase a small condo unit.

(Trick yourself into saving! by By Lauren Fernandez for Yahoo! Southeast Asia)



  1. Save to Live, Economize to Survive, Work and Work and Work to Survive!!!

    Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon kailangan ay magtipid, magtipid, magtipid. Sige higpitan pa ninyo ang inyong mga sinturon. Pero buo pa ba ang mga sinturon ninyo sa kahihigpit?
    Ay buhay, lulubog lulutang, araw-araw palagi na lang iniisip kung saan kukunin ang susunod na pambabayad mo ng iyong mga bills, and worse pambili ng pagkain kung wala ka na ni isang kusing, haayyyyyyy

  2. paano kah nman makapatipid nyan if kung yung income mo ay kulang pa kc sa pamsahi mo. d2 apply sa kin kc below minimum pa iyong daily salaryko.

  3. I am a call center agent and I’m proud to say I have no savings. You are right, to save is to deny yourself from so many unnecessary spending.

  4. Yes nabasa ko na rin ito sa yahooo pero hindi naman yata lahat na sinasabi dito ay totoo. But saving something naman for the future is a universal practice.
    I am almost 40 pero loveless pa rin at wala pa akong savings, hu hu hu. May dalawa pa kasi akong mga kapatid na pinagaaral.

  5. sana nga lahat tayo ay may sapat na income para makapagipon for our future. but the sad thing laging kulang ang kinikita nating umaasa lang sa kakarampot na sueldo. kahit magofw kapa mapalad ka kung paguwi mo ay may naipon o naipondar ka man lang na kahit munting negosyo. speaking from experience.

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