Posted by: Mer Pints | December 31, 2011

Happy New Year to All

Despite the tragedy brought by typhoon Sendong to thousands of our brothers and sisters in Mindanao and Visayas Christmas was still celebrated joyfully and meaningfully in this country highlighting our own unique  ways and tradition as Filipinos.

And now it’s time to make a countdown in the celebration of the New Year.

Goodbye 2011, and welcome 2012.

Goodbye to the good as well as to the bad memories of the year that is about to go. Welcome 2012 with the new hope of a bright and productive year for all of us.

I know not all we wish may all come true but nevertheless let us all keep hoping and working hard to realize all our plans and goals we have set for this coming year.

May the good Lord bless all of us as we commence striding on this new, challenging, and prosperous 2012.

Keep hoping and praying my friends, 2012 may be the best year to all of us!



  1. hapi nyu yir en hapi birtdey to mi!

  2. i invite everybody to eat my house because i prepare five carabaos i killed from my neighbors backyard.

  3. Hahaha

    Iba namang version dis hapin long bepor marsial low.

    Sabi daw ni gov. sa mga substitute teachers, “To yo ol de prostitute teachers — yo ol permament. Yo klap klap my face naman ip yo arrr hippy.”

    Dagdag pa daw ni gov. “kam iit my hows bekaws you ar ol inbitaytid. I have giving you some money kortisy of yor government. (Yeheyyyyy, ibig niyang sabihin governor). Plis bot por me next eleksion.”

  4. But seriously speaking, this year will be a very exciting year to all of us Filipinos. Have faith in God and to our abilities to rebuild, develop, and sustain the needs of our country and people.

  5. Mer, magpakatotoo ka!!!!!

    Totoo ba ang balita na—na—na— may boyfriend ka na?

    Bakit mo ako inunahan? Why? Paano na lang ako?

    Ibig mong sabihin iwan mo na ako at magpapakasal na kayo niyang boyfriend mong macho?

    Puwede pang mahiramn paminsan-minsan, hahahahaha!

  6. ibig sabihin ba niyan, seg ay wala nang atrasan ang paglagay ni mer sa magulong buhay?

    tsk. tsk. tsk.

    meron na namang bagong magiging biktima ang malupit na biyenan.

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