Posted by: Mer Pints | June 10, 2011

An Inspiring Poem by bluehen95 to the Libyans and Freedom Fighters

For over a four months now the Libyans have risen up against their dictator leader Muammar Khadaffy. Much lives have been sacrificed in the name of freedom. The newly founded National Libyan Army (rebels) and the dedicated freedom libyan freedom fighters (from all walks of life) have been struggling to liberate their country from the hands of the dictator. Women and children have been raped, family heads were killed, and families were brutally murdered by the constant shelling of civilian targets in Misurata by the army loyalist of Khadaffy.

Nato came just on time to prevent the massive murder of civilians by their evil minded dictator. Misurata was finally liberated by the rebels who were not only fighting for freedom but survival when their city was invaded by the loyalist forces of Muammar Khadaffy.

Now the east, north, south and mountain regions of libya are fully and partly controlled by the rebels. Freedom fighters are winning but still western media call the uprising a stalemate. Nato did a tremendous job of destroying to a great extent Khaddafi’s army and armaments. But many are becoming tired of seeing the dictator is still there unperturbed of how his regime is slowly crumbling and infra-structures bombed day by day by the NATO planes.

It seems freedom and victory is still illusive as of this time. Those who have been waiting for the regime to fall in a matter of days are beginning to be frustrated.

So here is a poem written by a blogger with the name bluehen95. I am posting it here because it’s so inspiring.

“My late night thoughts (you are encouraged to refresh)…

Freedom surrounded…constantly hounded…the alarm is sounded…and I stand astounded”

…at what passion can help people do
…at the courage of more than a few
…at the strength of Libya’s mothers
…at the resolve of so many others”

“Liberty oppressed…resolve stressed…put to the test…and I am impressed”

…by those who want to taste the light
…by children who laugh, stare down the night
…that when pushed down, people will rise
…by the fire in those peoples’ eyes”

“Night becomes day…fear goes away…evil at bay…and I want to stay”

…by the side of our Libyan brothers
…at the moment when freedom discovers
…to see the end of forty-two years
…to see people dry decades of tears”
“Libya, sleep now…on you may God endow…the right to avow…you will know how”

I am wishing you all dear Libyans a victory and a freedom to live in your beloved land. The international community is right behind you, praying and wishing for a bright tommorrow



  1. Hi tito M. Sana po ay makarating kayo muli at makakuwentohan.

  2. Ere na nga ako, eh.

    Kumusta na ba ang mga dalaga namin?

    Wala pa bang pag-asang makahigop kami ng mainit na sabaw? Kahit na ‘yung hindi mamantika dahil bawal sa hayblad ko at artraytis.

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