Posted by: Mer Pints | May 17, 2011

Libya’s Uprising, People Seeking Freedom to Live

For over 40 years Libyans have been living in fear being captive of  their dictator-leader Colonel Moammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi has been tagged as a cruel and murderous leader by the international community. Inspired by the uprising and successes of various Arab nations which dethroned their leaders, Libyan people did the unthinkable, to rise up and overthrow the strong man Gaddafi. What appeared to be a peaceful revolution at the beginning became a bloody armed confrontation.

For over three months now, the Libyan armed uprising has continued at the expense of so many lives and the unimaginable destruction of towns and cities. Yet Gaddaffi has not be overthrown yet. Had not be of the air support coming from NATO, the game could have been over now for the valiant freedom fighters of Libya. And Gaddafi could have feasted in murdering thousands of people whom he tagged as rats.

Now the freedom fighters and pro-democracy Libyans are fighting two fronts, the diplomatic front (where they are gaining support and recognition) and the actual battlefield in the east and in the west. At present Misurata after having been sieged for so many weeks is completely freed and on the hands of the rebels. Thanks to the resolve of the people particularly the freedom fighters who only learned to fight during the uprising to protect their homes and families. But what’s the price, so much destruction and deaths of innocent civilians. Gaddafi spared no one in the conflict, he bombs civilians, uses cluster bombs to kill people, and employed snipers to shoot anyone found in the vicinity of the Tripoli Street. But with NATO’s help and the growing tenacity of the freedom fighters Gaddafi forces retreated and defeated.

And this is not only true in Misurata, reports of success of the freedom fighters in terms of territories gain is growing everyday in the West. Now freedom fighters have found their way in Tripoli. There have been reports of defection from the Gaddafi loyalists to the freedom fighters. NATO keeps up bombing military and civilian installations in Tripoli used as command centers. Gaddafi’s regime is crumbling and about to end. Even if other international media outlets report of stalemate between rebel forces against Gaddafi loyalist army, situation in the grounds suggest slowly the freedom fighters are winning. Their (freedom fighters) number is growing as they capture so many weapons and vehicles abandoned by retreating Gaddafi forces. But the war is still far from over, Gaddafi has still a remaining army and mercenaries to fight for him.

And the latest, more significant, is a request for the issuance of a warrant of arrest from the international court for Gaddafi for his crime against humanity. But Gaddafi just shrug it off saying the court has no jurisdiction to Libya and they (Gaddaffi’s camp)  don’t honor it.

But if reports are true that most of Gaddafi’s family members are running away, his time is near.

And so nearer is the time for Libyans to soon enjoy their freedom. Is it?



  1. Ilang beses ko nang binalikan ang tulay na ito, ulila pa rin sa mga passers bys?

    Tagal kong nawala, pagbabalik ko wala mang lang isang tao ditong madaratnan? Pati may bahay?

    Nasaan na kayo? Magpakita na kayooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  2. hi tito, nandito lang ako sa libya nagaabang ng mga kaganapan. salamat po at narito na po kayo.
    kapag bumalik po kayo ay muli tayong magkukuwentohan. matagal tagal na rin po akong nawala.
    doon sa kaibigan ko ay tumigil muna siya. maraming ginagawa. ako naman ay nawili sa pakiki-uzi, sa mga nangyayari ngayon sa middle east at africa, hehehe.
    medyo bumubwelo pa pa lang upang talakayin sa mga susunod na araw ang paghahahari-harian ng china sa spratleys.
    balik po kayo… at nagaabang lang ang biyute ko, hehehehe.

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