Posted by: Mer Pints | March 1, 2011

I Love Korean Drama

For sometime I got tired of Filipino drama on the TV. The only teleserye I am watching now is Imortal and Mara Clara on Channel 2. I used to watch also Koreana and Bantatay on Channel 7. I told myself, enough is enough.

I don’t want to be addicted again to TV dramas. While they are entertaining, they eat up my time for more constructive activities.

Lee Young Ah of Baker King (courtesy mysoju)

But having said that, here I am hooked again with Korean drama in the internet. If you want to be addicted too, try to find one at mysoju. You’ll get everything there.

Kim Ji Woo of 1% of Anything (courtesy mysoju)

My interest with Korean drama started with Temptation of Wife which I first saw in Channel 7 with Filipino dubbing. I wanted to immediately know how it would end so I started watching it through the internet. Not contented I started to watch also on-line Baker King, and Cinderella’s Sister. I also finished all the episodes of My Darling a 9-tailed Fox, Bad Couple, 18 VS 29, and the last is 1% of Anything.

Ryu Soo Young in 18 VS 29 (courtesy mysoju)

What makes Korean drama interesting to watch. Well the english subtitle is not that bad, the cinematography is great, it is clear and clean, and the acting is good. Of course there are lessons in life to be learned also like in the case of an episode in Baker King which is so touching. In most of the Korean telenovelas I watch, the backdrop is clear, simple, and elegant. I call it in my own language “clear and cute.”

Shin Min Ah of My Girlfriend a 9-tailed Fox (courtesy mysoju)

Do you want to be addicted to Korean drama? Well go ahead, join the club.  As for me, I am starting another title again. Enjoy watching guys.



  1. Colegialagirl I didn’t know you are fond of Korean tele-dramas. All I read about you is politics. Nakapagtataka, are you in-love?

  2. People who watch tele-dramas are romantically inclined.

  3. Many Asians are so crazy with Korean pop music and drama. Unfortunately they are all from the South. What about the North Koreans, what do they have to offer?

  4. Wow addicted ka na pala sa Korean telenovelas. I-try no naman ang Taiwan, bida ako doon.

  5. Corntips my niece just wasted her 2thousand pesos just to watch a Korean pop star concert. South Korean invasion?

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