Posted by: Mer Pints | February 16, 2011

Pacman at the White House (When a Boxing Champion and a Pretty Wife had a Lunch with the most Powerful President in the World)

Finally the most awaited meeting between international boxing champion (now turned congressman/ politician) Manny Pacquiao and US president Obama had already materialized. Congressman Pacquiao and his fabulously  fashionable wife Jinky got a chance to meet President Obama and Vice President Biden over lunch at the White House in what appears as a private closed-door meeting. Of course what did they talk about in that closed-door meeting no body knows.

But politics has a way of making people popular. Pacquiao is the first reigning Filipino world boxing champion to be invited at the White House (Nonito Donaire will be the next?). This could make  Muhammad Ali jealous, he got the same privilege but was no longer a champion. Stepping into the doors of the White House is a privilege accorded to the powerful leaders, popular celebrities, and  politicians who could command huge electoral support. Didn’t Pacquiao made a last-minute endorsement of now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reidin on last year’s mid-term elections? Of course the senator duly acknowledged this in a privilege speech “extolling Pacquiao the politician and citizen of the world.” Why not this boxer who is as fast as the lighting in the ring “put him over the top against his Republican opponent.”

Now it is clear it is the good Senator who arranged for Pacquiao’s appearance in the White House. Thanks to politics and politicians. And to what good does this contribute to the dwindling popularity of president Obama, only time can tell. But for Pacquiao, such meeting with the US president and a successful visit to Wahingtong D.C. already made Pacquiao a world-class (?) politician. And win or loss with with his coming fight with Mosley in Las Vegas there is nothing he could ask for more. Bob Arum brought him billions of money and a popularity unsurpassed to any boxer in the world at this point in time.

Reid admonished  Pacquiao to  remind Americans about the contributions of Filipinos to America; from the veterans who  fought side by side with the Americans during World War 2  to the millions of Filipino-Americans who help enrich America. And why not,  even Pacquiao is contributing so much to help boast the economy of Las Vegas, Nevada? My only dream (not an American dream) is for Pacquaio to box his way for more support and compassion to the dying Filipino Veterans scattered all over the United States of America.

From now own what do we expect from this great boxer of the Far East (a World Champion of different weight divisions)? Is he going to run for president in the Philippines (the Pearl of the Orient Seas)? Rising to fame (because of boxing) from poverty, can he catapult this economically struggling nation to prosperity once elected as president of this country? It’s a long way to go. P-Noy (president Aquino) still need to find the straight path (matuwid na daan) to prosperity for the next five years. Pacquiao has a lot of time to prepare before he will take control the reign of  public service and governance.

President Aquino has five more rounds to come. After his bout ( to get rid of corruption and bring this nation to progress and prosperity) then comes the Pacman.



  1. Well if what the public wants who can prevent the Pacman to run for president in the Philippines. Popularity outranks competence to lead. Arum the Lord of the ring knows how to exploit the popularity of the Filipino boxing champion. Making money and politics is the best policy, haha

  2. President Pacmant, it makes me tawatawa. Puwedi ba huwag ninyo namam insultohin ang mga botanting pinoy.

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