Posted by: Mer Pints | February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President Noynoy Aquino!!!

Happy Birthday President Noynoy!

Today is a very special day for our bachelor president Noynoy Aquino. He is now 51 and still going strong with his new found interest on cycling.

But how about his love life? I heard that his love life is getting better and more exciting. If the fortune tellers are correct in their prediction, our bachelor president may not end up his term of office as a president without marrying somebody. So good luck Mr. President and do your best not only to serve our country but also to pursue your dream of having your own family. Goodluck too to the lucky woman who caught the heart of our president.

By the way there is going to be a cabinet meeting today and a mass to celebrate the birthday of our president.

Mr. President may you have more birthdays to come. Please try to overcome also your HIV (Hair is Vanishing),  hehehe.

Shocking News 

What a shocking news; former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes died this morning (February 8, 2011)  after sustaining a gunshot in his chest in what appears to be a suicide. Reyes was brought to the Quirino Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City at 7:45 a.m. where doctors tried but failed to revive the former armed forces chief and defense secretary.

As reported, in an interview with  Police District chief Francisco Manalo, Reyes visited his mother’s tomb with his aide at the Loyola Memorimial Park in Marikina City early Tuesday before the apparent suicide.

Reyes  has been implicated to the on-going probe of corruption in the Military by the Senate.

Nakakaawa naman, hindi po natin inaasahan na sa ganitong paraan lang pala matatapos ang kanyang buhay. Kahit papaano naman ay may mga nagawa din naman siyang maganda sa kanyang paglilingkud sa ating bansa. Malaking bagay din ang kanyang pagkawala sa isinasagawang hearing ng Senado in relation with the  plea bargaining agreement ni General Garcia.

Condolence na lang po sa mga naiwan niyang  minamahal sa buhay.



  1. A general took his life to redeem himself of endless accusation of corruption. This is not to say he is not involved in any, but he had been judged through trial by publicity. I hope our Congress and Senate should be more careful in pointing out fingers to these people linked to corruption. Show up the evidence, bring them to court and if found guilty let them spend the rest of their life in jail. But subjecting them to trial by publicity is something unacceptable in a civilized world

    Mer nakakalungkot naman ang nangyari kay Gen. Reyes.

  2. By the way did you tell the president to try herbal remedies to cure his HIV? Virgin coconut oil will help him solve the problem of (HIV) Hair is Vanishing. Heehehe

  3. segundina vanishing hair means virility. who cares about age for as long as your man has a very fat wallet?

    again i would like to say never let yourselves be deceived guys. this is why this nation has a lot of corrupt citizens and officials. you guys are easily deceived by politicians and preachers.

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