Posted by: Mer Pints | January 24, 2011

It’s Payback Time Somali Pirates!

It’s payback time for the Somali pirates. Not all the time you are winners and enjoy the glory of piracy in the high seas. Now you have a doze of your own medicine. I know you will try again next time but have a second thought of messing up with the Koreans. They mean business guys; you either end a dead meat or a prisoner. Enough is enough, there will always be an end to your evil and greed.

Yes it’s payback time for the Somali pirates after the South Korean special forces launched a dramatic high-seas rescue of 21 seamen hijacked by pirates last week aboard their South Korean-operated freighter in a top-secret operation that killed eight Somali abductors and captured five others. It’s a highly commendable act for the South Korean forces who restored once again the confidence of the South Koreans to their armed forces after it failed to respond decisively to two attacks by North Korea last year after torpedoing of a southern war ship that killed 46 crewmen and the  November artillery shelling of a southern-controlled island that killed four civilians.

Similarly the the Royal Malaysian Navy scored also against the Somali pirates  after thwarting an attempt to hijack a chemical tanker in the Gulf of Aden. Malaysian naval commandos injured three pirates in a gunbattle and rescued the 23 crew members of the Malaysian-flagged MT Bunga Laurel early Friday.

Somali pirates have been a problem to commercial ships and cargo vessels flying the Gulp of Aden and Indian Ocean. It has endangered too the lives of seafarers many of them are still on the hands of their Somali abductors. This concerns also the lives and safety of Filipino seamen who at any given time will be captives of these ransom seeking outlaws. Unfortunately there is no functional government in Somalia to run after these pirates. This in effect created an  international cooperation to send naval protection efforts. But so far piracy has still continued despite reported killings and apprehensions inflicted on the suspected pirates they have never been neutralized at all. They are still there, more organized, highly equipped and armed.

The Philippine government is so concerned also about Somali pirates since a great number of seafarers still on the hands of these bandits are Filipinos. Unfortunately the Philippines can not afford to send any naval contingent  to help combat piracy in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

I know it’s a long way to go before Somalian pirates are totally neutralized, but we commend any effort and success to thwart  pirate attacks on merchant vessels and perhaps to luxury liners.

To the South Korean Navy and the Malaysian Royal Navy, I salute you guys. Keep up the good work!



  1. I agree with you it takes more than an iron hand to deal with these bandits. The only language the understand is violence.

    Crime does not pay; it’s only proper that these bad guys were killed.

  2. I am concerned too with Filipino sailors who are taken captives by these animals. Why not the Philippine government send its destroyer (kung meron man) to help run after these animals so that once and for all Somali pirates can no longer victimize commercial ships.

  3. Tatagalogin ko na, mga kababayan dapat siguro ay ipadala sa Indian Ocean ang tarantado at siga sa atin para makipagbakbakan sa mga demonyong Somali pirates na iyan. Bigyan sila ng mga bangka, pagkain, at mga paltik na gawa pa sa Cebu para panlaban nila sa mga tarantadong pirata din. Sa halip na mangholdap at makapaminsala sa atin, doon na lang nila gamitin ang kanilang tapang. Makakatulong pa sila sa mundo.

  4. Better cut their penis first before releasing them so that they will learn a lesson.

  5. Number one rule, sink them all with their boats once captured. Ay adda kasta.

  6. Okinada dagita nga somali pirates, makadadael da ti view. They are indangering the lives of our seamen.

  7. And who said that piracy is a thing of the past? 😮

    The difficult thing about pirates is that they’re not in a land territory so catching them is such a pain in the ass. Moreover, tracking their “footsteps” is also hard due to the oceans’ vastness and lack of credible witnesses.

  8. Semen ba ka mo mang Haydeen? Hehehe

    Hi Alps, I agree with you. But somehow we need more intervention from the UN to put an end to this problem.

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