Posted by: Mer Pints | October 2, 2010

P.Noy’s Hotdog, Pakagat Nga

President Aquino eating hotdog in New York caught world attention, are people amused? Published and amplified by the media people could not help but admire the president for being so simple and frugal in his life style. On the other hand a lot of people dismayed the way the president handled the hostage crisis tagged P.Noy’s hotdog eating as a mere propaganda. Is it?

Senator Miguel Zubiri while he admired the president’s simplicity of taste, he however gave him unsolicited advice not to eat so much junk foods. At least there are least expensive but healthy diet that the president could try like fruits and vegetables. But what’s wrong eating hotdog and a bottle of soda for a drink? By the way it is not this author’s interest to compare P.Noy’s cheap hotdog meal to that of former president Arroyo’s very expensive meal in the US before. Kumita na iyan.

I am concerned however about the impact of P.Noy’s hotdog eating highly publicized to the children and young people who have been addicted to eating hotdog and other junk food which include the burgers. If our president is featured to really love so much eating hotdog, aren’t our little children and young people who idolize him so much develop similar taste and interest with a junk food?

It’s about time to see the president eating plenty of fruits and vegetables to encourage young people to eat more healthy foods. The reason is simple, there are plenty of children now who do not want to eat fruits and vegetables. They are already addicted to junk foods and fatty meals; thank to the manufacturers of these food products and the television and print media who advertise them. Pretty soon our number of diet related illnesses will double causing billions of pesos for their cure.

I wonder what the Nutrition Council of the Philippines now and the Department of Health is doing to educate the youth on the importance of eating healthy and balance diet? I am sure healthy life style  is being taught in the elementary and high school but how effective is the instruction to encourage children to avoid eating junk foods?

Similarly I also wonder if ever there are health conscious legislators  who will file a bill in Congress regulating the advertisement of junk and other unhealthy foods so as to deter our population from getting addicted with unhealthy diet.



  1. Nakalimutan na yata iyong hostage crisis, absuwelto na ba sina Mayor Lim at Vice Mayor Moreno?

    Mukhang sa jueteng na yata at saka sa reproductive health bill nakatoon ngayon ang usapan.

    Salamat kay father Oscar Cruz at sa CBCP sa mga isyu ngayon ng jueteng at saka family planning. At least medyo nakakalimutan na iyong mga rekomendasyon ng fact finding body tungkol sa hostage crisis.

    Magkasama na nga sina Lim at P.Noy sa pamumudmod ng health card, hehehe.

  2. Kagatin sana ng aso iyong nakalawit na hotdog na iyan, hehehe.

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