Posted by: Mer Pints | December 1, 2009

Meet the Transformers

What will happen to the Philippines if the government will be run by “transformers”? Of course not the self-multiplying robots but human beings in the persons of Senator Dick Gordon and MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando? Both are no non-sense administrators during their time and have a long track record of accomplishments.  Both have passion for discipline, order and cleanliness, and productivity. These are iron willed guys who are hated most for their dictatorial ways and insisting what they only think is right and being close on other views.

Last Tuesday they announced that they will be running mates for the 2010 presidential election under a newly formed party Bagumbayan but have no senatorial slate. Fernando approached Gordon last Monday to convince him to be his vice-president but instead it was him convinced. Bayani yielded to the more experienced Gordon.

The two filed their certificate of candidacy at the COMELEC office in Intramurus at 2:00 P.M. The tandem fondly called themselves “transformers” as a result of the changes they made in Subic bay and Marikina City as local government officials. And this is the image they would like to project to transform also the country from 6 to 20 years being the main goal of their Bagumbayan Party.

“Walang tamad sa tambalang ito. Wala rin tanga sa tambalang ito. Hindi kami kapos. We may not have much money but we have enough. Besides we already know what happened to leaders who love money too much.” This is what Gordon told to reporters as if giving the impression that only of people of their kind could only effect the needed reforms and transformations to this highly politicized and divided nation of some 100 million Filipinos.

And  the “Flash Gordon”  has also something to say against his political opponents who rely so much on money and popularity. “You cannot hide behind money and say you’re going to win because of money. You cannot hide behind a birthright or pedigree because it is not enough to become president. Money has never been enough. You need proven leadership, proven tasks that have been fulfilled.”

The tandem of Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando appear to have the credential of leadership and track record to support their claims as the best candidates to elect for president and vice-president. And people who have been longing for genuine reforms and good results of governance may vote for them. Many Filipinos are already sick and tired of promises but without results from political leaders they have elected in the past. Perhaps Gordon and Fernando may just make the difference.

But even if Gordon have done something great for Olongapo and Subic may not necessarily mean that he will be a good president once elected. The same as true with Bayani Fernando. He transformed Marikina into a great City and work hard as an MMDA Chairman to deal with monstrous problems of a thickly populated metropolis but it may not also guarantee voters he can be a good vice-president as well.

Voters need to think and assess things before they cast their votes and elect a national leader. Not all those who say they are the transformers could really transport us to the land of promise. Gordon and Fernando could promise us a paradise out of the hell we live in this land but who knows instead of glory we end up only with empty promises. But that’s what they say and they deserve also to be heard.

By the way the “transformers” tandem color (according to Bayani) will be “blue and pink” which “makes them look like the MMDA’s footbridge.”



  1. Gordon and Fernando can deliver no matter what you say.

  2. The problem of sidewalk vendors occupying sidewalks and even streets will be better solved if the tandem wins.

    That’s why this early vendors association are already applying for recognition as a partylist group. They want to send a representative in Congress to represent them.

  3. As administrators many don’t like the ways of Gordon and Fernando being so tight in the enforcement of laws and ordinances but that should be the case in a country where most of the people are stubborn and undisciplined.

  4. They may not be popular but they have the attributes of good leaders that could really transform this nation. Why don’t we give them the chance?

  5. Actually, I like the tandem. But because I’m more concerned on the possibility that Villar or Gibo could win via Hello Garci, I’ll be casting my vote for Noy-Mar. Buti na ang mas malayo ang gap ni Noynoy sa kanila para mahirap dayain. Saka na lang ako pipili ng talagang gusto ko kung wala na sa aking vista si Gloria unana.

  6. Ma’am chi the tandem you are talking about are very strict people and very pakialamero. Kasi naman our people they are very very stubborn like the drivers and the people to walk anywhere to cause the traffic. Sa attitude I don’t like them because walang puso, pero sa accomplishment I feel I want to vote them na. But it is not the final situation yet because I will thinking many times to make the decision if I will vote them or none at all.

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