Posted by: Mer Pints | October 14, 2009

GMA’s Successor; The Measure of Leadership

What is good with surveys is that they’re mere personal beliefs and perceptions of the respondents. They don’t exactly tell what is truthful and real. People’s beliefs and perceptions vary in time and there’s no guarantee that what people say now will be the same thing they say in the future. One of these things is the perception of who would be the best leader to succeed president Arroyo when (hopefully) she steps down in 2010.

So far it is Noynoy Aquino who is the choice of the 60 percent of the total respondents in a nationwide survey participated in by 1800 adults. Second to him is Senator Manny Villar (37%), and former president Joseph “Erap” Estrada with 18%. It appears that Senator Noynoy Aquino, the son of Cory Aquino and Ninoy Aquino, who has an overwhelming edge against the other presidential aspirants. Well as far the mechanics of the survey is concerned, each respondent is asked to give 3 names who they think would best succeed Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The survey however did not ask the respondents why they made such choice. It is not clear as well why Noynoy Aquino not the number one choice not the other aspiring presidential candidates? Is it because of popularity, experience, track record, or leadership qualification that made him a popular choice of the people?

In so far as track record and leadership qualifications are concerned, he is no match with other aspiring presidential candidates. But we can not discount however that there are still a good number of Cory’s followers blindly believing that what is true to the mom may also be true to the son. So if Cory was destined to replace and evil regime, Noynoy Aquino is also destined to replace an evil bitch?

Of course there is nothing wrong about choosing a leader based on the popularity and integrity of others if they too believe you possess similar leadership traits and capacity. Only, this is not the best way to select a leader. A leader must be chosen because of his vision, leadership quality, proven track record in public service, commitment, courage, maturity, compassion, technical expertise, ability to execute reform measures, flexibility, influence, etc. Sorry to say, honesty and integrity alone can not save this country from the ruins of the past to the present administration.

But that’s the reason why political surveys are conducted, not only to know the pulse of the people but to condition too the minds of the prospective voters that such candidate is a popular choice of the people. Whether this (survey results) can be translated into actual votes comes the day of election that will be another matter. Survey results may not necessarily show who will emerge as the winner after the election but they are still useful to downgrade the popularity of other presidential aspirants like Erap Estrada.

To all of us who have the fundamental knowledge in research know pretty well that there are ways to alter results of an investigation. I am not saying that such thing apply in the latest survey result where Noynoy Aquino emerge as the choice of the greater majority of the people (adult respondents) to succeed Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. There is one thing I am sure, from now on expect more survey results where Noynoy Aquino’s popularity rating is getting higher as Villar, Erap, and the other presidential aspirants are plunging down.



  1. You are right Mer; Noynoy’s popularity rating goes higher and higher everyday.

    He can be another Pacquiao not in the boxing ring but in the presidential race. Thanks to the Television Networks that support him.

    A few months from now we will see another Aquino again in Malacanang.

    Will the kamag-anak incorporated resurface again?

  2. i agree with what you stated here, dapat ay yung mga tipong subok na at may mga alam talaga sa papasukin nila… whatever or whoever it is, sana maprioritize pa din ang pagse-serve sa country natin.

  3. Humanda kayo darating na si Erap. Iyang tumataas na ratin ni Noynoy maglalaho na iyan. Aangat ang rating ni Erap.

    Ano ba ang kinatatakotan ninyo sa isang matandang kabayo? Di ba sabi nila matatalo na si Erap kapag muling tumakbo siya? Bakit nga ba hinahadlangan pa siya?

  4. Pasyal kayo sa Barangay Hall and I will tell you why. May naghihintay na aros kaldo para sa mga bisita ko ngayong araw, hehehe.

  5. Baka nga makabalik uli si Erap sa Malacanang.Malakas yata ang hila ng baba ni AI-Ai at ang tango ni Donya Dionisia.

  6. Kap,

    Damatan na si Erap. Baka hindi na umabot sa finish line ng kanyang termino kung manalo siya (ule).

    Baka ibalik na naman niya ang kanyang midnight cabinet na mga mamamatay tao, sugarol at babaerong katulad nina Sabit at Atong Ang.

  7. Pareng Magno,

    Baka hindi na midnight cabinet, midday na lang kasi mahirap nang mapuyat pa si Erap.

    Sigurado ako kapag nanalo uli iyan, magsibalikan ang kanyang mga dating kainuman.

    National fruit of the Philippines, according to political analysts is balimbing.

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