Posted by: Mer Pints | September 24, 2009

Touching and Humbling Erap

He used to touched the heart and soul of every woman he loves but this time “he is touched and  humbled” by a man. Lakay Juan, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile delivered a privelege speech last Tuesday in defense of former President Estrada who was implicated by Senator Lacson in the Dacer-Corbito double murder and accused him of being an smuggler and a protector of Jueteng. Lolo Juan reminded the public how every dirt and mud has landed on Estrada’s face but “as a murderer and killer” that is out of his character.

In his privilege speech Enrile’s said, “I could not help but feel saddened about how an old friendship has come to such a bitter and rancorous end, and to witness the ensuing acrimony that rages to this day.” He recalled that it was only Erap who had the courage to accompany Enrile in the van which brought him to the NBI when he was arrested right in Senate to a “non-existing crime of rebellion complex with murder” in 1990. That according to Enrile is the “most sincere gesture of concern and kindness which Erap readily extended” to him during one of his darkest days. His (Erap)  presence had spared his life from any harm that may have possibly happened.

In return Erap said,“I can never pay enough tribute to a great parliamentarian who was my noble and selfless mentor as a novice in the Philippine Senate whose guidance, legislative, and parliamentary expertise I will always treasure.”

With this it appears that whatever Ping Lacson says against Erap the public will not be that easy to convince;  former president Estrada remains the “inspiration of millions among the nation’s poor who don’t have a voice.  When Manong Juan (Sen. Enrile) said it, majority of the people are in agreement with him. It easier for the public to believe Erap than Ping. This is a  reality.

Too bad Ping Lacson does not see Estrada that way. To him Erap is more of an evil than good. Why,  he links the former president in various murder cases (where he (Ping) exonerates himself of involvement); and to anyone who does believe his expose Erap can be perceived as not only a lover of women and alcohol  a “thief and a murderer?” It hurts, and Erap is deeply hurt from hearing such an accusation from a former friend and ally. But thanks that’s not what Erap’s supporters and majority of the people think, Lacson is lying and possibly has a hand on those crimes accused/linked to him.

But it’s over now for Lacson. He has nothing else to say at the moment but not lacking in ammunition against Jinggoy and Erap. Lacson is still conducting investigation on “alleged illegal exploits” of the deposed president. And what did he accomplish out of exposing the evil exploits of the former president? He is not sure yet as he said, “I cannot say as of now that I have accomplised what I intend to accomplish in the first place, because it should be validated by forthcoming perception on President Estrada by the Filipino people.”

So there you are, Ping has a mission. Whatever it is it is more of his personal interest than that of the public. And I am not alone on this perspective.



  1. Malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw ang misyon.

    Parehong nasira si Erap at Ping sa dakdakan nila. Siguro ay wala ng ambisyon si Ping sa elected office meron naman silang Shalani sakaling manalo si Nwoooyyy.

  2. Para sa akin lang ay nagpapagamit si Ping upang siraan si Erap. Malakas pa ang appeal ni Erap sa mga masa. Kapag hindi siya mawala sa presidential race nanganganib na matalo both Noynoy and Teodoro. Ngayon sino ang behind sa paninira kay Erap? Alangan naman na si Villar, hehehe.

  3. Feeling ko lang baka si Villar ang mananalo nito. Mahihirapan si Teodoro at Noynoy sa popularidad ngayon ni Villar. Alam na ng tao ang kanyang plataporma. Sa araw-araw na lang na nakikita ang kanyang political Ad sa TV, sangkatutak na botante ang kanyang naiingganyo. Di ba may tinatawag tayong mental conditioning? Baka umipekto iyan sa mga botante. Mapera si Villar at kaya niyang tustusan ang kanyang pangangampanya na hindi kinukulang sa budget. Isa pa lumalabas na underdog siya sa mga paninirang ginawa ni Lacson. Sige siraan pa ninyo si Villar kung hindi umangat ang kanyang popularity. Isipin na lang natin na malaking bahagi sa mga botante natin ay may kapamilyang OFW. Si Villar naman ay may pagtatangi sa mga OFWs at ang kanilang mga pamilya. Hindi ako maka-Villar pero may mga nakikita akong indicators na maari siyang manalo.

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