Posted by: Mer Pints | September 11, 2009

Political Variabilities and Deviations, Roadblocks to Unite the Opposition

Probability theory and statistics deals with variance and deviations. Researchers apply such theory and measure when they intend to determine  the distribution of values, traits, and characteristics of their population or samples in their study. In statistics standard deviation measures variability or dispersion of a statistical population. Social researchers are very passionate about measuring people’s idiosyncrasies and congruities and similarly predict if such traits may have a unifying or disjunctive elements in them.

One of the most explored and studied area in socio-behavioral science is “human variability” which is defined as the possible values for any measurable characteristic, either physical or mental of human beings. Individual differences make human experience interesting in as much as inasmuch as the social value put on by the society on this differences affect every aspect of a person’s life. While most society respects individual differences they also put premium on human abilities, social standing, accomplishments, power, possessions, connections, interests, human compassion, etc. Related to human variability is social deviation which can be defined as a departure to social norms, deviant behavior or attitude, and divergence from accepted political policy or party line.

The last time I talked on the subject of human variabilities and social deviations was when I was invited as a resource speaker on Change Management for Youth Leaders. During the open forum we discussed about society’s role in “change system” where positive valuing is necessary to bridge gaps brought about by individual differences and social deviation in promoting people unity and social transformation. What people need to live in peace, harmony and prosperity is to aspire for common goals and sacrifice/set aside a portion of their self-interest and personal ambitions. 

Such concept (on human variabilities and social deviations) came to my mind again when Noynoy Aquino finally declared he is running for president. Many people particularly Cory’s supporters (Noynoy’s as well) obtrude their hopes on him to unite the opposition and the people and win the presidential race and implant a nucleus of reform and social transformation.  This is quite exasperating as people look at him as the chosen one since the first day of his declaration to lead in the presidential race; the question can he deliver?

Never mind if he went on spiritual retreat  at a Carmelites convent, forget all about Malacanang’s pronouncement that they’re not bothered on Noynoy’s running for president because  the influx of support for his candidacy may weaken as soon as the the euphoria of symphaty and admiration associated with Cory’s death subsides. What matters here, do the other opposition groups trust Noynoy and his party? Will the other strong contenders like Manny Villar who already spent a large sum of money on his political ads yield to the clamor of the Liberal Party for one standard bearer (that is Noynoy) for the opposition? Villar’s spokesperson already stated their position in the negative. And what about Erap’s (former president Estrada) camp, will his group (still sour and bitter to personalities and groups who helped depose president Estrada who now swarm around Noynoy) heed the great call for unity? Even “Jobama” (Makati Jejomar Binay) pledged to bridge communication line between As Loren Legarda (who is also aspiring to run for presidency) said, the more candidates fielded in the presidential race the merrier. And this is a great news to the Malacanang folks who are endeared with wide fragmentation of the opposition because it’s going to be a sure win for their annointed (kung sino man siya) candidate. Malacanang’s divide and rule tactics is always at play to ensure that no candidate (from the opposition) who is against the president win.

Further complicating Noynoy’s candidacy is his lack of accomplishments and a good  track record as a politician to boast. As we said earlier most societies (people) put premium on abilities (political leadership) and accomplishments (track record) to garner acceptability. This early he already caused eyebrow rising when he said he would run after the Marcoses’ wealth and to impose political will in enforcing the laws and upgrade the judicial system. One critic said if the mom could not even do it during her term howe could the son do it too?

I hope Noynoy did not fail to note during his spiritual retreat that it would be a monstrous task to unite this country and the people. He needs more than spiritual discernment to embark on political reform, social change, and development. He needs corporate and political skills, political will, party/people’s support, courage, charisma, and “nerve of steel” to lead this country laden with poverty, corruption, and injustices. People should perceive him as one capable leader who has the ability of his own not just pying on the popularity of his parents. And to do it, he should start with his party; to unite the fragmented Liberal Party.

Noynoy and people behind him should realize that the mean problem in removing roadblocks to political unity is bridging political variabilities and deviations. All the opposition party he is dealing with have their own political agenda, organizational policies, personal interests, financial needs, following, charters and primers, political culture and tradition, etc.  With this how probable could the opposition be united so that it will only be Noynoy who shall be fielded as the opposition bet for the 201o Presidential Election?

Akin to political integration is accomodation and compromise. For one thing, not all people behind you are there seeking only political refoms, many have ulterior motives behind. Is Noynoy ready to compromise? If so, how will this  affect his personal/family political values? This is something worth watching, abangan ang susunod na kabanata.



  1. Nice post girl. I like your using a socio-behavioral concept to discuss a political issue.

    It’s about time people should elect leaders based on competence and commitment not on mere popularity. To become a president to a country like the Philippines is no picnic. You need skills, public support, will power and commitment to rally for change and political transformation. To be a president is no popularity contest, it is not even an abuse of power–it is just doing the “right thing” expected of you to do. And how do you define the “right thing” determines the kind of leader you are. Is senator Noynoy Aquino ready for this?
    Keep bringing your classroom to your blog girl.

  2. Girl,
    It will be next to impossible for Erap to endorse Noynoy’s bid for the presidency. For as long as the same people who ousted him from presidency are there with Noynoy, Drillon, et. al for example, Erap is not that stupid to allow himself to be used.

  3. Allow me to post here an excerpt of Ninez Cacho Olivares article in The Daily Tribune entitled “FairWeather Allies:”

    “Aren’t the Cory Magic, Noynoy’s genes, the Yellows, the pro-Aquino media, the LPs political machinery and all those civil socialites and anti-Erap groups now with Noynoy put together, enough to propel Noynoy to Malacañang that he still needs the Erap magic?”

    “But why should Erap be asked to drop his presidential bid, endorse and support Noynoy and be one with the LP? Because Noynoy is the son of Cory and Ninoy Aquino, and therefore has that divine right of kings to succeed to the throne by virtue of being the rightful successor via the bloodline, or that he is the civil society’s bet?”

    “It is the same type of pressure that was applied by mostly the same groups on Salvador “Doy” Laurel, who was asked, for the sake of opposition unity and country, along with the unity call in crushing of the Marcos dictatorship, to give way to Jaime Cardinal Sin’s anointed, Cory Aquino.These Yellows wanted an inexperienced, untested and untainted opposition standard bearer, mainly because they wanted, not just power and position, but that they would be able to manipulate their inexperienced anointed, even as they keep on saying that they do not want to have anything to do with the so-called traditional politician, of which Doy was one. Yet all they really wanted at the point was for Doy to give in, use his party and once the opposition bets united, they kicked him in the teeth.”

    Hehe, hindi ganon kabobo si Erap. Matalino din iyan.

  4. Kumosta na po kayong lahat? Sorry for being silent. Nabagyo po ang aking PC. Sabi nila itapon ko na raw pero hindi ko po magagawa dahil mahal na mahal ko siya at mahal bumili ng bagong PC, hahaha. Mabuti na lang may naawa sa atin at muling binuhay. At sa muling pagkabuhay ng aking “junky” PC ay back to blogging and happy days are here again ika nga.

    Nakaposte sa aking klinika ngayon ang aking munting nakayanan para mabasa naman po ninyo ang nilalaman ng aking puso at isipan. Tamang-tama ang aking sinulat para sa mga kaganapan ngayon.

    Mahal tayo ng Diyos, mahal ko rin kayo. God bless po sa lahat.

  5. Lumalakas daw si Noynoy ayun sa latest survey at natataranta na raw ang mga ibang presidentiables. Pero sabi naman ng iba, ngayon lang iyan. Ano ba ito weather weather lang. Pagkaalis ng bagyo, iba na ang ihip ng hangin, hehehe.
    Good luck na lang kay Noy.

  6. Doc. B napasyal na ako sa iyong Klinik. May bagong repair ka palang PC. Welcome back!

  7. Itong si Sen. Lacson naman ay siniraan niya ang kanyang dating bossing. Siempre gaganti naman ang kanyang senator son.

    Sige maglabasan kayo ng baho, baka sa huli si Villar pa ang makikinabang sa labasan ninyo ng baho, hehehe.

  8. I don’t like Noynoy’s campaign method, it’s just conditioning of people’s mind. Sawang-sawa na ako sa conditioning evil society employs on Pinas politics. At the end, it’s always the regular Juans who suffer while the evil society and the elites get all the benefits. Kakaasar!

  9. I’d like to see the day when Esperon does a Lacson. Who needs a right hand when it bites!

  10. Tama po kayo Tita, darating ang araw na kakanta rin ng My Way at Her Way iyang si Espoilron kapag naipit na siya sa mga kasong isasampa sa kanya pagkatapos bumaba sa trono ang kanyang lola, hahaha.

  11. Welcome back dok. Palitan na ninyo kasi ng bago bago iyang PC ninyo. Pero okay lang for as long as it serves the purpose. Ang mahalaga ay naibabahagi po ninyo ang mga kaisipan at nilalaman ng inyong puso sa amin. Salamat dok!

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