Posted by: Mer Pints | August 27, 2009

He is the Son of a Hero, not a Bitch

His father is a hero that’s why they built a monument for him in Ayala, Makati. During martial law his dad was detained for years and was released only to have a heart surgery in America. Hero dad was an eloquent speaker who exposedwithout fear the excesses of the Marcoses and their cronies during martial law; he said “the Filipinos are worth dying for” and unfortunately he did when shot by a lone gun man at the tarmac of then Manila International Airport. Ninoy Aquino is Ninoy, and certainly “Noynoy” Aquino III  is not what his father had been.

But her mother is also a hero. Up to  her death she had never remiss protecting the gains of democracy which the Filipino people had fought for and promote the welfare and interest of this nation. Cory, his loving mother, assumed the responsibility the husband had left to her and continued the struggle to fight for freedom and democracy until the so called  Marcos regime of martial law ended by a People Power revolt in EDSA. Cory’s yellow magic was revived again during her long funeral march witnessed by millions of Filipinos who braved the rain and went to the street to see her for the last the time. Does Noynoy have the Cory’s magic too?

One great question that needs an answer, is the admiration and support of millions of Filipinos to Ninoy and Cory transferable?  It maybe not; or it may also be. But many people still believe a good tree bears a good fruit. Noynoy can still be the extension of his parents; why don’t you make him a president after all he has chosen to be the embodiment of his parents ideals. He too is willing to die for the sake of freedom and for the good of the Filipinos, isn’t it?  

And, because they want him to become president supporters have just launched a signature campaign to get at least one million signatures to convince him to run for president. This early supporters of Noynoy Aquino for president is growing. Harvey Keh of Kaya Natin said that Among Ed Panlilio (Governor of Pampanga) would withdraw from the presidential race should Noynoy run for president. And would you believe even Imee Marcos, the daughter of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, would support the candidacy of Noynoy for president? This goes only to show that Noynoy, although he is no Ninoy and Cory,  is still a person who can be trusted and to whom they can entrust their votes. He is no “son of a bitch” the Filipino people regurgitate for corruption and promoting self-interest.

So far Noynoy has not given a definite answer if he will run for the next higher position or not. Kris Aquino said they have to wait for 40 days before Noynoy could finally talk about his plan for presidency. But some members of the Liberal Party are already worried this time that Noynoy attempting to join the presidential race would divide the party. Mar Roxas (Senator) has already started to campaign for the presidency under the LP banner.

But a political analyst said, “”People won [the presidency] because of themselves, not because of their parties.” According to UP professor Alex Magno, ” the Liberal Party  is nothing.” What matters here is that Noynoy could “harness the yellow power” and get the needed votes to make him win the presidency.”People will support Noynoy because he’s an Aquino, it’s pure brand loyalty.” In line with Magno’s statement many observers still believe “Noynoy” has more chances of winning than his party-mate Mar Roxas.

But there is something also that bothers me as the rests of the Filipino people, is Noynoy Aquino ready to become the next president of the Philippines? Can his winning in the presidential race be translated into actual reforms and development programs that transform this sick nation into a fast developing country in Asia?

As Dolphy said, ” It is easy to run; but,  suppose you win?”



  1. O, Alex Magno changes his color again! What a chameleon!

    Saw on video the ordinary people signing for Noynoy in Baclaran, they wanted an honest leader because Gloria is everything that is evil.

    If honesty is the only barometer of the presidency I’d go 500% for Noynoy. But it is not.

    Noynoy and his siblings are intelligent people, they know when they are being used for political reasons. Tahimik sila, and for sure they don’t like to be thrown into the ‘katayan’. I have all the reasons to believe they will come up with an intelligent decision.

    “Ang pagtakbo ko ba bilang pangulo ay talagang magre-resulta sa pagbabago ng bayan?”, sabi ni Noynoy. (source-ET)

    I like him for throwing this question, he knows his present capability and admitted indirectly that he is not ready for a presidency.

    For that his question alone, he got my attention.

  2. Girl, maganda ang article mo.

  3. Salamat po tita.

    It is not only popularity that brings reform and progress to our country, it is competence and committment to the people. I am sure Noynoy is familiar with the yardstick in so far as his competence to become president is concerned.

    Mahirap nang mapaso pa. Aminin natin kahit noong kapanahonan ni tita Cory marami ding mga isyu laban sa kanyang administrasyon.

    Ang dapat bantayan ni Noynoy if ever he becomes the next president ay iyong mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya.

  4. Susuportahan daw ni Sen. Kiko Pangilinan si Sen. Noynoy. Nasa kanya ang suporta ng senador, hindi kay Mar Roxas. Umpisa na ba ito ng rivalry ng mga presidentiables sa LP?

  5. As of latest development, Noynoy was selected daw as LP’s standard bearer sa darating na eleksiyon.

    But I doubt his winability. Hindi rin mapanghahawakan ang kasikatan ng kanyang kapatid na si Kris at ang tinitingalang alaala ng kanyang mga magulang.

    Noynoy still has to carve his own image and paint his own identity. Being the son of Ninoy and Cory and/or brother of a popular celebrity does not mean sure winning the presidency.

    He is more effective in crafting laws than running the affairs of the country that he is not experienced with.

  6. The Liberal Party should come together and seriously consider everything from the social, political, and economic point of view before allowing Noynoy to run for president under its banner.
    Seryosong bagay ang pagtakbo bilang isang presidente. Pagisipan ninyo ng mabuti ang bagay na ito.

  7. Girl may pasalubong ako sa iyo na ube galing Good Sheperd. At saka may binili din si sister Emy na strawberry jam para sa iyo.

    Miss kita, ako miss mo din?

    Huwag mo na kayang sagutin, hahaha.

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