Posted by: Mer Pints | July 15, 2009

Obama’s Screwdriver (Taming the Shrew?)

I could still remember what my former professor in college told us in the class many years ago. “Who ever sits in Malacanang chances he/she will always be controlled/influenced by Uncle Sam. The issue of America meddling with the political affairs of the Filipinos has never left us since we gained our freedom (kuno) from America. There’s always that public perception that if the president wants to stay longer in power, he/she needs the blessings of the almighty U.S. On the other hand many people also believe that the only way to get rid of a corrupt and overstaying president is to ask the U.S. almighty to kick him/her out.

Ah, colonial mentality… many Filipinos are still locked as prisoners of this mindset. Unfortunately those who really stand to oppose American imperialism are branded as leftists or communists. What an unkind way of treating people who just want themselves to be free from the clutches of Uncle Sam. It’s just like a woman who wants to get out from an illicit affair with a man to leada more morally acceptable life only to be called by the latter as “puta” (slut).

Recently the posted an editorial entitled “Trip for Nothing” which detailed the issue of the president breaking up protocol in meeting a the director of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, Leon Panetta, in Malacanang who is not “even a member of the US president’s cabinet; he is, in the official scheme of things, not a high-ranking official—and certainly not one who is entitled to meet a head of state, particularly that of a friendly, allied nation.” Further the editorial depicts this as a “case of our own head of state having a low opinion of her position.” Is it?

If protocol is to be followed “the director of the National Intelligence Service Agency—not the national security adviser who has cabinet rank—is the local equivalent of the CIA director;” which means if the visit has something to do with security matter not even secretary Norberto Gonzales has to face Leon Panetta  but our own director of the National Intelligence Service Agency. But qustion arises: what business does the CIA director have that he went on directly meeting personally with the president ? Does the President of the United States Barack Obama have something very important to tell to our president? If so why not an official envoy? Is this how little does Obama regard us being a sovereign nation? 

Right after the CIA’s Chief visit “the Palace announced that the President received an invitation to go to Washington for a tête-à-tête with Obama—at very short notice. The Palace, it should be recalled, pooh-poohed rumors the Panetta visit was a sign of American unease over the 2010 elections, by saying it had been in the works for four weeks. Now the President of the Philippines has been given two and a half weeks to get her act together and scoot off to Washington.” So, Obama is dead serious about the Arroyo’s administration making him an assurance that the 2010 presidential election should push through?

If this so being the case, is it safe to make a conclusion then that no matter how tough and liberal minded our president may be she can not resist summons from a US president like Obama?

Again the editorial said:  “Two possibilities are raised. The first is that when Washington snaps its fingers, Manila jumps, and so, the President’s visit to Washington may be in the nature of a summons to explain herself or receive instructions, which makes her a small but energetic puppet indeed. The second theory is that the President has been such a pest that Washington decided to please her, but that what will transpire is yet another meaningless—and expensive—photo opportunity at Filipino taxpayers’ expense.”

Well even if Obama wants to curve of America’s meddling in the political affairs of other countries and governments in the world, almighty America will continue performing its role as the “handyman” fixing up things that may ruin world’s freedom and stability and America’s vested interest. To operationalize this concept in a more practical terms for the Filipinos,  we can have the like of Obama to tighten up the screw on the Arroyo’s administration not to perpetuate herself into power; as well as to get an assurance from her not to pursue with the Con-Ass.

If Obama can see to it that 2010 election continues, for a while maybe we can forget all the issues of American Imperialism, colonialism, and the negative implications of  loopsided diplomatic relationship with America. Perhaps for a while we can tolerate this “unecessary evil” in our system to see to it that there will be a change in the leadership as millions of Filipinos clamor. As a matter of concept one can say, if America can install an evil leader America can also kick him/her out.



  1. May superyority kompleks ba si Obama at iyong CIA director na lang ang kanyang inutosan para humarap sa presidente?

    Mabuti ng lumayas na ang mga kanong iyan sa atin, baka hanggang ngayon ay brown monkey pa rin ang kanilang tingin sa atin.

  2. Girl,
    Are you sure Obama’s screwdriver could tame the shrew?

  3. Any American president is bound to promote and protect the interest of the U.S. As a the guardian of world’s democratic ideals, by all means America want’s the 2010 presidential election to be actualized.

  4. Unahan ko na si Haydeenkoi, alam ko mapapansin niya iyong “taming the shrew.” Baka ang basa niya dito ay tempering the screwdriver hahaha.

    But anyway lady and girl ano pa man ang sabihin nating tungkol sa American imperialism ay nadiyan na iyan. Tayo na rin mismo kasi ang tumangkilik sa pagiging isang may kaisipang kolonisado “colonial mentality.”

    If I get you right girl para bagang sinasabi mo dito na hindi na baleng maki-alam ngayon si Obama (na may hawak na mahabang screwdriver) sa ating domestic political affairs para lang mahigpitan ang turnilyo na pumipigil sa mga kamay ng mga kaalyado ng pangulo upang hindi na maipatupad pa ang con-ass nang matuloy na ang election.

    Kung sabagay nagbabago na rin ang pananaw tungkol sa imperyalismo ngayon. Sa Iran nga ay lumalapit ang mga oposisyon upang suportahan sila ng US at nang mapatalsik na ang diktadora.

    I might be wrong and I stand corrected on this, parang hindi na angkop sa panahong ito ang konsepto ng imperyalismo. Parang pulitika din kasi ang soberenya. Wala kang permanenteng kaaway, at wala ka ring permanenteng kaibigan. Mayroon ka lang permanenteng interest para sa iyong bayan.

    Magsalita na kayong may ibang kaisipan at koro-koro nang maliwanagan naman tayo sa isyu tungkol sa pakikialam ng Amerika sa Pilipinas.

  5. Taming the shrew ni Shakespere. In Tagalog natameme siya sa paanyaya ni Obama. Ay mali,hehe.

  6. ang mahalaga, US wants the election in our country to push through. ang sabi pa nila na they dont want the way how GMA wants to change our constitution. sa akin so long as makakabuti sa mga filipino ang pakikialam ng US ok lang sa akin. the whole world know that they are the most powerful country. sabi nga ng iba natin kababayan sa ibang bansa, ang US daw ang police ng mundo. pero kung puro interest lang nila ang iniisip nila ay dapat magparamdam tayo na we dont want GMA FOREVER.

  7. Your discussion here madam is nice about imperialism. I know this because I also see the students during the seventies making rally and demonstrations in Plaza Miranda and Mendiola. But Martial law was declaration and so the activists stop to shout down with imperialism, facism, and capitalism.
    Kapitan why you said I don’t know about taming the shrew. Is it no the correct time for your watch and screw it if it is not automatic. Very simple right. I know also about this.

  8. A, william sir you are in the right direction of your thinking. That is correct. You see America drive away the Spaniards but they have to fight first the Katipuneros. The constructed schools and make us an America in the Philippines. There is progress according to my mother. Imagine she is only grade three but spoke even better english system than I did. Again if history is rolling down we can see the appearance of Japanese invasion in Bataan and Corregidor. But who drive these evil monkeys? The Americans. In any situation America is very good for the Pilipinos but sometimes we do not thankful of them because they also take advantage of our economic situation and destroy the natural resources of our country like mines and the trees are cutting down in the mountain so they can build their strong houses in America. But now we shall need also them to tell to this administration to stop. No more cha-cha but just election for the progress of this nation. Thanks a lot.

  9. I can’t also understand why a mere head of the CIA, a US government agency was accorded such importance by one acting as head of a state while there was his local counterpart who should be receiving him in his office whatever mission the former had in visiting our country.

    I guess this only showed how the head of this administration not fully understood the meaning of protocol as well as ethics.

    Anyway, we cannot blame the CIA chief if he also put himself in the same shoes of that woman who always wants to be called president knowing that she had done so many lapses in the past. They are now two of their kind and in same level of what shall we call it?

    Di ba’t may kasabihan tayong mga Pinoy na “kapag ikaw ay nakipag-usap sa isang tanga ay mas masahol pa ang iyong pagiging tanga”?

    Mahirap talaga kapag ang gustong maging lider ay takaw o kulang sa pansin.

    Kunsabagay, ipinaayos na nga ‘yung lumaylay niyang dede para sabihing siya ay pantasa, este pantasya ng bayan.

  10. Ah, nakalimutan siguro natin, BIG deal na ‘yun para kay flat tired woman.

    Di ba’t palaging laglag siya sa mga surveys?

    Kumbaga, a source of air to inflate her laylay bumper para naman masabing kahit paano ay meron pa rin palang interes si Pareng Barck na siya ay bigyan ng atensiyon.

    Di ba, last minute achievement na ni Lola ‘yun?

    Kahit na nga nagmukha siyang babaeng asong ulol na sargo ang laway upang mapansin ng barakong askal?

  11. Ooooopppsss!

    Puro stateside pala dito ang salita.

    Next time na lang ulit. Mahirap mapasubo dito. Umuurong ang aking ano, dila.

  12. Ay! May nagtatagalog naman pala, eh.

    Teka, uwi muna ako. Pinabibili nga pala ako ng amo ko ng turnilyo para sa maluwag na ulo ng kanyang laruang robot.

  13. Tito,
    Iyong piping dibdib kapag napuno ng hangin ay tatayo din. Problema may dalang screwdriver si Barack Obama baka butasin pa niya at sisingaw ang hangin amihan ni mama, hehehe.

  14. mer, gusto ko lang magbigay ng comment dun sa isang comment na nabasa ko sayo pero hindi ko na maalala kung saan topic eh. that was regarding to your being “matipid.” gusto ko lang sabihin na mas hanga ako sa mga katulad mong babae na marunong magbigay ng halaga sa pinaghihirapan ng magiging asawa. sa akin kasi basta masarap ang luto ng misis ko kahit pa itlog o isda pa yan basta pinaghirapan nyang gawin para sa akin ok na ok sa akin yan at siguradong lagi akong maganang kumain. ok lang sa akin na tipirin ako ng misis ko sa paggastos basta wag lang nya akong titipirin tuwing gabi. syempre dapat laging special ang gabi namin mag-asawa. ok ba yun mer? he he he… ano po ang masasabi mo Kap, Sir Haydeen at Sir MRivera? ayuz po ba yun? 😀

  15. Hello to all specially to you Sir William,

    I learn how to be economized since childhood. Our life is difficult my mother and father have very little education so they can only farming in the land of their landlord. They pay plenty of utang because our rice production is very little only and few is left for the foods in one year time.

    When I become the janitor of a business store in Manila I meet one beautiful girl who looks like artista. My goodness I am inlove very much at the first sight. To short cut the story we have relationship. But she has a friend who always tell me not to trust my girlfriend so much because she had many boyfriends also. But I did not believe her because I am to think she is only a jealous to the friend who happen to be my girlfriend.
    Frankly to telling you the truth we live together like husband and wife. But I was surprise she had no aray the first night. And she seem to be expert already in love making. She teach me even how to make her prepare for the insertion. But I did not mind it, it was my first time and all I remember I had one who look like an artista before.
    I give her all my money including my golden ring and neclace. Very many expensive things she get from me. I was blind to loving her very much.
    One day she go away. She go back to Olongapo when she meet an American Soldier. Since then I have no more information about her.
    I cry day and night and not interested anymore to go back to work. I also get sick. Very good her friend was kind to me to advice me. She said better you know her this early or else the tragedy of your life is even more than greater in the future. She paid my obligation to the room I occupy. Later she invited me to rent a room in her place in Tondo.
    William this Tagala is very good lady. She is not so beautiful but sexy and also maputi. Her brothers work in the pier. Her mother and father sell clothes in Central Market before. About two years to pass, I realize this is the woman I love.
    Very good the fortune for me because one woman give me chance to live a nice life and I must thankful the Lord for it.
    O what is the issue now, a about the matipid characteristic of ma’am Mer. You see my lady did not spend my salary, she diposit it in the bank. She buy me clothes but when there is a bagsak presyo sales. She also sell pabango, lotion, and powder from abroad to her companions in the department store.
    When my wife earned so much she put up a sari-sari store and a small carindria a business that bring our children to college and now they are all finish and working.
    You see ma’am Mer I tell you, beauty is useless without good character. But you are the exempted to the rule. Keep saving while you can because time is gold right?
    Very long already, sorry and Thank you all very much.

  16. sir haydeen i like these words of yours…
    😀 “beauty is useless without good character.” sana makahanap din ako ng babae na tulad ng missis nyo po at ng tulad din ng nanay ko.

    agree din ako sa inyo na exempted si mer. syempre ganun din si seg. 🙂

  17. Kumrimbiste na si Pareng Barak kay Nunalisa, hindi sukat akalain ng first lady ng America na isang battalyon pala ang dadalhin ng reyna engkantada sa white house.

  18. Pareng Cocoy maraming pakakainin ngayon si Obama sa White House na puro mga palakpak boys and girls, hehehe.

    Maririndi ngayon ang beauty ni Mrs. Obama sa kapo-pose sa mga bisita niyang sangkatirban. Hahaha.

    Siempre gusto rin ni Nonie ang makipagkodakan sa first couple for souvenir.

  19. Mer,
    Pasyal ka sa aking lungga at nami-miss na kita. Nandoon ang lolo mo, may gatas pa raw sa labi kasama ang isang baby, hehehe.

  20. Bakit may sex story ka na naman? Ayaw ko baka magkasala pa ako, hehehe.

  21. In short, the pinoy is sala sa init, sala sa lamig at gusto ay palaging nakasandal sa pader.

  22. kap,

    Nakikialam ang Kano sa atin dahil akala ng mga political leaders ay naka-under pa sila sa pamunuan ng ‘merika. Sila ang mga tunay na may colonial mentality, yang mga lintek na political leaders ng Pinas.

  23. “..we cannot blame the CIA chief if he also put himself in the same shoes of that woman who always wants to be called president ..” -MRivera

    Punietta, este Panietta, has an official position, that faked boobs woman has none, nakaw lang. Pasalamat pa dapat si Nunalisa at ‘dinalaw’ at kinausap sya ni Panietta, nakakaliit yun sa position ng CIA chief.

  24. Hehehehe!
    Baka naglabas pa ng dossier si Chief American Tiktik Panietta tungkol sa mga piping boobs na navulcanize sa sitio Pahanginan.
    Goodmorning ate chi. May provincial trip ako next week kung matutuloy.

  25. Kaya girl ikaw muna ang bahala kay joy, hahaha.

  26. hi teachers, hello to all po
    happy trip ma’am seg, t-ka kailan iyan? pasama? I will bitbit your beauty kits.
    ma’am mer balik nurse daw uli kau?
    nakatakot naman baka mahawa pa us wid hog virus. lol.

  27. Tama si Kapitan Kidlat. Kapag kontra sa panlasa mo, Imperialismo. Kapag pabor naman, Tenk you amo. Ngayon nakikiusap tayo, pasulat pa. BO, ito’ng gawin mo, huwag ‘yan. At, kapag hindi tayo pinagbigyan, pupunta tayo sa kalye at sisigaw: IBAGSAK ang imperialistang pakialamero!

    Ito ang kagandahan ng web. Kahit putikan ang paa’t pawisang-pawisan sa maghapong pag-aasarol sa bukid puede kang makitalamitam agad sa isang colegiala. At hindi pa halata kung uugod-ugod ka man! Hehehe.

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