Posted by: Mer Pints | July 8, 2009

Relax, The President is Healthy (Sa Dibdib ni Nanay)

Finally a spokesman of President Arroyo admitted Friday that the president  had breast augmentation 20 years ago  but denied the implants were leaking as reported.

Earlier Press Secretary Remonde belied reports that the president had checked in to the Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa for the removal and replacement of silicon implants on her breasts. He even told male reporters  that any man could easily spot whether a woman has  breast implants or not.  He even asked media people  if the president is a type of a woman who who would do breast augmentation; as if he was saying the president didn’t need it as she had already that desired size naturally.

But then  he changed his statement, as usual, and said the president had the breast augmentation implants 20 years ago but not leaking. Further Remonde said that the President was declared in good health after biopsies were conducted on lumps found on her breast and groin.

“The result of the biopsy is negative. The President is in good health. You will see her moving around in the next few days. That’s the best proof of her health,” his assurance to the people without telling if she had been operated or not.

 And of course the NBI is conducting its probe on who leaked information on the confinement of the president and the private medical information conderning her at the Asian Hospital. Of course Malacanang denied hands on this probe.  Sources alleged that after three medical staff had already given statements, the probe is already focused on one doctor. And nobody could tell if it’s the president’s doctor. But that’s no longer important at this point. What matter is that at least Malacanang is telling the truth this time.

So the entire nation must be happy because the President is declared healthy by her doctors and physically fit to serve her country in her capacity as a  Chief Executive Official. It does not matter whether she’s the legal occupant of Malacanang or not, the thing is that her term will soon expire and she could no longer be re-elected for the same position. Now it’s time for her to face the real problems of the country: worsening economy as a consequence of the global economic crisis  and the rising prices of energy, massive unemployment, deterioration of peace and order as a result of bombings in Metro-Manila and Mindanao, and the spread of the A(HiNi) flu virus, etc.

Before the president’s SONA (State of the Nation Address) we will be seeing a looking good and healthy president addressing the joint houses of the Congress and the Filipino Nation as well. But of course she must be ready too with a mamoth crowd protesting against the Con Ass and other graft and corruption charges  hurled against her. Meanwhile with the president given a clean bill of health,  some paranoid minds not necessarily from the opposition are again having fear of the unknown–Martial Law.



  1. You can talk anything against the president in terms of her administration. But to talk on something personal that is already hitting below the belt.

    President’s health is important. The whole country should be aware of it. But in terms of breasts implants and removal of overgrown hair, heheh, that should be left alone to her and the doctor.

    And president’s SONA will one unforgettable event with all the different opposition groups holding a big big rally to protests againsts corruption in the government and the Con Ass.

  2. Ikaw Miss Mer Pints huwag mong laging kinukunsinte iyang si joy. Nasermonan ko iyan for her own good. Patawa-tawa lang ang astig na babae. Pasyal ka na lang sa bahay ko at doon tayo magtsismisan ha?

  3. Masusunod kamahalan.

  4. Dibdib is breast plural or singular. If the breast is small you make ito very large so you see the doctor for it. But be careful too because the doctor may tell the other one about you. This is no longer ethical but many do it because they want others to know it.
    Our president is not look at the breast implant only. The issue is about her health that’s all. But how come the NBI now is investigative who leaked the news about the medical situation of the president.
    Because I think they want to make that doctor answerable for the mistake he have to tell about the condition of the president including the overgrown hair which I don’t know where.
    That’s all my discussion about the topic in your post. Thank you so much.

  5. Kinopya ng walang permiso from Professional Heckler:

    GMA’s Boob Job

    Malacañang said the breast augmentation procedure done on President Arroyo 20 years ago was “a medical necessity.” Doing it was healthy… for her marriage.

  6. GMA’s Boob Job II

    Latest reports say the National Bureau of Investigation is discreetly conducting a probe to identify the source of the leaked information on President Arroyo’s medical records at the Asian Hospital. Once identified, he or she will be offered to write a column for The Philippine Star.

  7. After initially dismissing it as just a “rumor,” the president’s spokesman, Cerge Remonde finally admitted that Mrs. Arroyo had breast augmentation 20 years ago. Still, Remonde’s revelation did not answer the bigger question: why is Mike Arroyo still unhappy?

  8. The president’s spokesman, Cerge Remonde admitted that Mrs. Arroyo had breast augmentation 20 years ago but vehemently denied that she was hospitalized last week because of “leaking breast implants.” Unsatisfied with Remonde’s explanation, the Senate is conducting a probe on the matter.

  9. Cerge Remonde was not supposed to confirm reports that President Arroyo’s got fake breasts… until former press secretary Ignacio Bunye organized his own press con and in an attempt to defend his former boss, he told the press, “There are two sets of breasts. One was real, the other was fake.”

  10. Hahahahaha

    Di ba kung outdated na ang isang bagay kailangan din i-upgrade?

    Tanong lag tito Joe, kaninong interest talaga iyong pagpapa-upgrade ng boobs, if ever iyan ay totoo?

    May kuwento kasi ang aking lola noon, ang lolo ko daw ay nagrequest sa kanya na magpaganda naman dahil nahihirapan na raw si lolo na gisingin ang kanyang tandang.

    Does this apply to the persons concerned? Hehehe joke only.

  11. Dinibdib pala ni Nunalisa ang implant ng susong dalaga niya at ipina-iimbistigahan sa NBI kung sino ang nag-leak ng balita.Baka makarating pa sa Senado iyan at imbistigahan din ni Bong Revilla.

  12. Bakit kailangan pang magpa-implant, puwede namang ipa-vulcanize na lamang para menos gastos, eh.

    Hindi pa magkakalakas ng loob ‘yung nag-vulcanize na isapubliko dahil matatakot. Puwede ring gamitan na lamang ng ginagamit sa goma ng bisikleta o kaya ay sa lobo.

    Akala din ni gloria ay pagpapantasyahan siya ng bayan. Hindi niya alam kahit magtitihaya siya sa kalsada ay wala ng papansin sa kanya.

    Sino ba naman ang magkakainteres sa kanyang dedeng parang ‘yung nakalaylay na palong ng pabo?

  13. Vulcanize? Iyong pang traktora ang laki kuya? Hahahahahah.

  14. Traktora?

    Seg, grabe naman ‘yun!

    Tama na ‘yung parang payloader na lang.

    He he heeeh!

    O kaya nama’y gulong ng biskletang kasinlaki ng tansan.

  15. Seg hanggang mini siopaw lang ang kaya ng lola mo, haha.

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