Posted by: Mer Pints | June 10, 2009

Speaker of the House Gloria, Alangan ba?

After  Malacanang said that the president won’t ask Congressmen allies to stop Con-Ass, the more people became suspicious of her. Mrs. Arroyo’s critics accused her of masterminding the passage of House Resolution 1109. Public outrage accompanied by protest  rallies mmediately followed afters and more to be launched if only to stop Congress from pursuing it and amend certain constitutional provisions particularly on changing  the Philippine form of government from presidential to parliamentary. Today (Wednesday- in the afternoon)  is expected to be the biggest rally to be held in order to denounced the possible raping of the Philippine Constitution through Constitutional Assembly by the lower house.

Immediately after the Congressional approval of the Con Ass, released survey results on the popularity and acceptance rating of the president dived even deeper. But Malacanang said it’s not bothered about it. The president in the contrary still remains popular among the people in the provinces because of her efforts in gains of her administration in country’s economic development which her allies believe.

President Arroyo’s political adviser Gabriel Claudio said that it has been the policy of the president not to interfere with Congress on matters of charter change. Besides the president also made a promise not to dictate the lawmakers on what to do in amending the Philippine Constitution. But Mayor Jejomar  Binay of Makati said the public has stopped believing the promises of Mrs. Arroyo and her allies. “That’s the problem of people in government today credibility,” he added.

Public fear that president Arroyo would run again on 2010 even if  Con Ass be derailed from implementation has remained even if Malacanang keep on assuring the people the president would step down from her office after the 2010 election.  Mrs   still eligible to run for Congress in her district in Pampanga and becomes the speaker of the House of  Representative later.  And there is no law that could prevent her from doing so according to Election lawyer Sixto Brillantes. But Presidential spokesman Cerge Remonde dispelled such perception and said there is no basis for saying that President Arroyo would run again on the 2010 elections. As he said it’s only hearsay, really?. 

If so, are we going to expect a Speaker of the House  Gloria? If we are to believe what a lawyer said  it’s not a remote possibility,  then the President will again sit with her Congressmen allies in the lower house. She can’t afford to leave without office due to the so many criminal cases that her political nemesis may file against her after her term.

Kaya ngayon pa lang ay sanayin na natin ang ating mga saril na makapakinig ng Speaker of the House Gloria kung saka-sakali nga lamang. Alangan ba?



  1. My answer is no.

    Please don’t scare us. Enough is enough.

    Sana wala ng part 3 for her.

  2. Hindi lang speaker of the house siya, PM pa iyan kung makalusot ang chacha.

    What a shameful way to stay in power forever.

    Alangan bang tawagin siyang Prime Minister Gloria Magtatagal Arroyo?

    Makapaghihintay pa ba kayo that long. Ako hindi.

  3. Happy Independence Day to all!
    I’ll be out in internet circulation for awhile,be back after maybe,3 weeks.

  4. Bakasyon muna ako sa Cedar Sinai Hospital

  5. Sino kaya ang bantay kay preng Coy?

    Alam nyo’y nag-aalala ako sa kanya, eh. Hindi ‘yung baka hindi niya makayanan ‘yng operasyon dahil hindi naman delikado ‘yun, eh.

    Baka magkamali ‘yung doktor na oopera sa kanya. Baka iba ang matanggal. Sa halip na ‘yung mansanas sa puwit niya ay ‘yung dalawang jolens sa pagitan ng kanyang hita.

    Hindi na bale sana kung bakla man ‘yung doktor, gawin man niyang lolipap ‘yung baston ni preng Coy, at least didiladilaan lang niya at hindi mababawasan.

  6. Hehehe
    Ang hirap naman nun. Papaano kaya kung iyong talong na lang ang nakalawit wala na iyong dalawang kamatis.

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