Posted by: Mer Pints | May 29, 2009

Acting it Out in the Senate

He was summoned to tell his side in the Senate probe on sex video scandal involving him and and a sexy star-model Katrina Halili. Braving public outrage which tags him as pig, pervert, maniac, and crazy Dr. Hayden Kho appeared calm and very apologetic to what he had done. He was doused with water by a former policeman Abner Afuang (who later was charged by the Senate for a breach of proceedings) but still maintained his composure. Senator Bong Revilla (who himself had been linked to different women) before called the act as scripted for Dr. Kho to get public sympathy.

What a shame! The public already knows his (the Senator) real motive in bringing the case (of internet voyeurism) to the Senate for a joint investigation in aid of legislation. He is grandstanding, that’s what most of the people see. Even the way he asked question to Dr. Kho (as a resource person not a suspect) it was suspiciously viewed as aimed at shaming the beleagueredcosmetic surgeon. He said much have been said about the case and more people had been hurt by the issue but this actor-turned politician and senator forgot to include himself as causing much humiliations and pains to Dr. Hayden Kho by calling him maniac, crazy, pervert of the highest kind(?), etc.

Also showing an outrage to Dr. Kho’s abominable act of secretly video taping an intimate act that should only be confined in private is Sen. Jinggoy Estrada who earlier had a verbal tussle with Dr. Kho’s lawyer Atty. Lorna Kapunan who wanted him to appear only in the executive session for security reason. The insuing discussion  annoyed the senator who told the lawyer not to question the legislation’s intent  and had “no right to lecture us.” He demanded the physical presence of Dr. Hayden Kho in the hearing which garnered applause from the audience. Atty. Kapunan later apologized which Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada readily accepted.

“Please arrest that man,” that’s the most memorable statement I heard of Senator Jamby Madrigal who chaired the Senate Committee on Youth, Women, and Family Relations. She believe the issue is more than the case of high-tech voyeurism, it’s a much deeper one involving drug trafficking. She appealed to the noisy audience to observe proper decorum or else they would be sent out by the Senate’s sgt. at arms. Senator Jamby Madrigal,who accussed another senator of corruption charges before the Senate’s Committe on Ethics, wanted to show she is in control of the proceedings. She assured everyone on fairness respect of human rights as she said “this is in aid of legislation not on grandstanding.” But there are those who can not be prevented from asking, “is that so?”

As for the former lover, Hayden and Katrina, they traded accusation on each other.

“I love Hayden… but like other relationship that started with a lie this went nowhere.” She went further into saying that each “embrace and kiss” she shared with Kho were scripted. “I gave my heart and soul wholly to a man who turned out to be doing his own movie.” As she wept she said “I was stupid, instead of a doctor, he was a director.”

But, even if Hayden Kho admitted he was wrong for videotaping his sexual encounter with Katrina Halili, it was the actress who introduced him to drugs in a tryst they had at a hotel in Ortigas when they became lovers. Hayden with all humility he accepted going into drug rehabilitation after becoming drug dependent at the introduction of Ecstasy pills to  him. He projected himself as one psychologically confused individual who later seek refuge to drugs. There is much pain inside  him as he regretted the harm he had done to Katrina and to those who had been hurt with those sex-videos he himself did. But it was not his intention to harm anyone, he wanted those items to be locked in privacy. But some unscrupulous individuals leaked them out, posted them in the internet, and worse raked money for selling them on DVD form in the streets. 

But he could not identify who is who  in the posting and propagation for sale of those sex video materials which he himself recorded in a password enabled hard drive. He named his friends Eric Johnston Chua and Herbert “Bistik” del Rosario as having knowledge about the sex videos he himself filmed but was not sure if they were responsible in its distribution and uploading to the internet. Senator Jamby Madrigal on the other hand said that millions had been involved in the payment of those videos and distribution.

In so far as money is concerned, Dr. Hayden Kho denied having received huge amount of allowances from Dr. Vicky Belo. The only thing he could say about her is that the lady doctor is so good to him. He believed that Dr. Belo has nothing to do with the distribution of this sex videos which he admitted he has also one (sex video) with her. Incidentally the computer where he uploaded those sex videos were said to be owned by the Belo’s company.

But Hayden Kho although knowledgeable on the brain behind the uploading to the internet and distribution of those sex videos, his lips are sealed for fear of the safety and security of his family. He assured however that once they are out in the country, he may speak in due time. When will that be?

Kasalanan mo ito Segundina

Kung hindi mo lang sana ako pinigilan na makipagkilala kay Haydeen dahil baka maunahan pa kitang magka-boyfriend sa akin sana bumagsak ang makisig na lalaking ito. Akin sana ang kanyang mga yakap at halik hanggang unti-unti niyang inaangkin ang aking alindog. Napakasal sana siya sa isang tapat na umibig na hamak na nurse na ito. Kasalanan mo ito Segundina, hindi sana napariwara ang aking crush kung sa akin siya napunta because I know he will always be in good hand. Papaano hindi ni good hand, sa takot lang niya na puputulan ko siya ng kaligayahan kapag kinaliwa niya ako kung saka-sakaling nagkaibigan kami. Hehehehehehe.



  1. Type siguro ni bong revilla na gawing “Poster Boy” si Hayden Kho.

    Matagal na pala itong sex video,bakit ngayon lang kukukukak si Katrina.Wala akong simpatya kay Katrina Halili kahit na ano pa ang padrama niya.Kung ayaw niyang mababoy,huwag siyang umastang baboy.Ano sa palagay niya kay Hayden Kho? Kuya niya.Di sana hindi siya sumama sa kuarto para hindi siya makunan ng video.Kaya siguro ivinideo ni Hayden ang kuarto niya dahil napagnanakawan siya ng mga babae kapag tulog na siya.

    Ano nga ba ang pakialam ni Lolit Solis kung sinusustentuhan ni Bello si Kho.Pera naman niya iyung ibinibigay niya at walang government corruption.Kasalanan ba ni Kho kung binigyan siya ng pera.Mahirap tangihan ang grasya lalo na kapag kuarta.Iyun ng lang dapat laging may baon ng Viagra si Hayden Kho,dahil kapag dumating na sa punton KAPKAPTION at hindi nag-attention,kawawa naman si Bello,sasakit ang puson niya kapag hindi niya mailabas.

  2. Hehehehe.

    Dapat may schedule iyan, pero priority si Dra. Belo at siya lagi ang uunahin bago ang iba.

    The reason, pagbigyan natin lagi ang mga matatanda dahil wala tayong mga bata kung wala sila, hehehe.

  3. Itong si Lolit ay certified na pakilamera idaw yan sabi nila. Hindi naman siya binanggit ni Mrs. Kho during the interview kung wala siya talagang kinalaman sa mga acting at pag-iyak-iyak diyan ng sinasabi nila biktima.

  4. i feel for katrina being a woman myself. my initial reaction was “my God! what an asshole and a jerk!!” but i also feel for hayden because he is also a victim here. perversion is a disease that should be treated and not condemned. the only thing that went wrong was when the sex video fell into the hands of “psychotic” people who didn’t waste a second to spread the same. i don’t think hayden has any intention of uploading the videos that he took. otherwise, those who were involved in he videos would probably just have taken that experience in stride and probably consider them as a lessons well learned. well, of course, what he did was no doubt beyond the bounds of what is right and just. and that’s the reason why he was summoned and being tried right now. can’t we just leave it at that? amidst this controversy and scandal, nobody could rightfully claim who is the culprit and who is the victim and nobody could play righteous because i’m pretty sure all of us, at one point in our lives have committed “unpardonable” sins…

    and for mr. abner afuang, i have this to say “LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE”…. remember,everytime you point the finger at someone,you have 3 fingers pointing back at you. people tend to judge people for things they are guilty for themselves… go ask yourself mr. afuang – “ARE YOU CLEAN?”

  5. Gusto palang sumikat nitong si Aswang este,Afuang na buwang,sana noon pa.Mas ituturing pa siyang bayani kung si Bolante na ang binuhusan niya ng asido.

    Parang scripted ang mga paiyak-iyak ni Katrina.

    Tama si Cocoy bakit pinag-aaksayahan pa ng senatong itong mga sex video.Ngayon lang ba sila nakapanood.Tsak’problema na ng mga hindot iyun kung gusto nilang mag-sex.Bakit bawal na ba?

  6. margaux09,

    I like your comment. Who is righteous among us?Nobody except God. Mr. Afuang should understand that if he points a sin to someone three fingers are pointing back at him.

    As a behaviorist I understand Ms. Katrina Halili’s reasons for pain and outrage. But from the perspective of victimization, everybody here is a victim. Since there are laws that protect the rights and welfare of everybody, let justice find it’s course against the culprits.

    As a regular blogger here I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you. Welcome na welcome ka dito margaux09. Your views are very enlightening. Sana palagi ka dito. Thank you.

  7. Gusto ko lang linawin sa lahat na hindi ko hinadlangan ang kaligayahan ni Mer na makilala si Dr. Hayden Kho. Ang doktor mismo ang humadlang sa kanyang sarili na makilala si Mer. Ang lagay di ka ba natatakot na makapangasawa ng isang butangera kahit kasing ganda pa niya ang isang Miss Philippines? Hehehe, matindi ka rin mag-ilusyon kapatid.

    Hoy Gising! Hehehehehehehe.

  8. Circus, palabas sa karnabal. This is what the public perceived on the manner the Senator conducted the hearing on the sex-video scandal. Most of the questions asked did not find answers that aids legislation. It’s all grandstanding. Remember how Mr. Anting-anting jr. asked his questions?

    The Bishop must be right from saying what happened yesterday was a waste of time and tax payer’s money. It’s not me complaining but others.

  9. I think atty. Lorna Kapunan was right with her argument that the hearing should be done in an executive session. Look what happened to Hayden Kho?

    I heard from a radio interview Mr. Afuang saying it’s good it’s only water not a chair which could have smashed the head of Hayden. See the implication of this on the security of the respondents or resource persons?

    Should Mr. Hayden Kho be hit by a chair (mabuti na lang at hindi daw niya ito nahugot) anong isyu at kagulohan na naman ang ibubunga nito sa publiko.

  10. Mer ha, huwag kang mangarap ng gising hehehe.

  11. Waste of time at saka resources ng bayan ang ginagawang imbestigasyon sa senado tungko sa sex video. Malawak ang technology at mahirap tukuyin kung sino ang may sala. Kagaya din ng magnanakaw iyan, maraming lalagusan.

    We have more problems na dapat pagtuonan ng pansin hindi iyang sex video na iyan.

    Tanong ko lang kung nagkataon na hindi sikat ang mga involved dito pagaaksayahan ba ni senator revilla ng laway ang isyung ito?

    Kaya lahat ng mga inapi at binaboy sa internet lumantad na kayo at magtungo lahat sa senado. Tignan natin kung anong magagawa nilang tulong sa inyo at kung papaano kayo makakuha ng hustisya sa sinapit ninyong kaapihan.

    Are you guys there in Senado ready to help the other biktima of sex video scandal?

    Iyong bading na kinunan ng video at pinagtatawanan pa haban inuoperahan sa hospital na ipinoste mo noon colegiala, may nangyari na ba. Nakasuhan at ipinasara na ba ang Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital?

    Sustained action not just papogi there in the senate at sa iba pang sangay ng gobierno.

    Kaya dumadami ang mga rebelde e.

  12. Girl,
    Kinasuhan na ni Katrina ang mama ng crush mo. Paano iyan, baka lalong madepressed si Pogi? Pray ka na lang na makayanan nila ang lahat ng mga pagsubok na ito.

  13. bakit ba ang senado ang sinisisi nten about this scandal???

    they are just helpin a filipina,it just mean na gumagawa ng aksyon ang senado para mapigilan ang mga sex videos, SEX IS HOLY! private! kea hndi dapat ilabas at hndi dapat mapnood ng iba.


    now answer what will you do?????malamang bka sa senado ndin ang takbo mo.

  14. .. lahat ng mga kasamahan ko dito sa saudi pinapahanap sa akin yung complete video na yan at wala naman ako mahanap..

    .. sa tingin ko pareho lang naman sila ‘biktima’ sa eksenang ito.. ng droga kaya?

  15. Reyna,
    Hindi ang senado ang sinisisi, ang mga senador na ginagawa ang isyu para maging bida. Kitang-kita naman sa kilos at salita nila.
    At saka kung naki-pagsex ka sa isang lalaking hindi ka pa pinakakasalan it’s your own risk. Everything goes. Dapat alam natin lahat iyan. At dapat hindi natin pinapasok ang bagay na ito na labas sa matrimonyo. That’s Katrina’s and Hayden’s pagkakamali to be frank.

  16. Rob tama ka. Droga ang nagdulot ng lahat ng problemang ito sa mga kinauukolan, directly or indirectly.

    Salamat sa mga comments ninyo. You are always welcome her.

  17. Girl magingat ka, maraming napapahamak dahil lamang sa kalibogan ng tao. Anong sey mo?

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