Posted by: Mer Pints | April 17, 2009

High Blood Policemen? Kawawa naman ang mga kasambahay at kapamilya ni Ted Failon

I am not yet ready to update my blog because of so many reports I have to accomplish but news footage I saw last night from the different media network on the forcible and warrant-less arrest of Ted Failon’s house helpers and family members did bother me. The case, obstruction of justice. I could not hold my tears and anger seeing policemen from Quezon City dragging helpless civilians to police mobile cars to be brought to the police precinct for questioning and to be brought to the fiscals office for an inquest procedure. Ted Failon’s lawyer were in the area but they could not even prevent the policemen from dragging their clients.

“These are peaceful people. They’re not criminals although they are being suspected as accessories for the obstruction of justice. These policemen are not only showing great anger in their faces, they are even very physical with these helpless people,” said our maid who was watching.

I don’t know how many children have seen it, and I don’t know what kind of impressions they have with the police? What kind of impression does the world have having seen such footage in international news about Filipino policemen applying unnecessary force in arresting people who were only stating their rights to be respected?

It all started with a shooting incident in Ted Failon’s (TV News anchor or ABS-CBN) involving his wife who sustained a gun shot wound to the forehead to what had been perceived as a suicide attempt. Never the less the police put everybody in the household as suspects including  Failon who was found negative with gunpowder burns in a paraffin test. Well the case is still under investigation and I will not dwell on it. My only concern is a perceived violation of human rights in arresting what they call as suspects in the obstruction of justice as alleged by the police.

It’s a good thing atty. Delima of the Human Rights saw the footage and found something wrong with it. Now those who performed what has been perceived as a little bit inhuman way of arresting helpless people (despite the presence of their lawyers) have to explain their acts. For that matter the PNP leadership will also conduct an investigation on the case.

But Senator Francis Pangilinan is so furious about what witnessed as inhuman way of arresting suspects (which he  termed as “bullying” of Failon’s family members (kapamilya) and house helpers (kasambahay) and a driver); and called for the relief of a police official in-charge. And who could not be furious about it, the policemen even pursued arrest of “suspects” (sisters of the victims and a brother in-law) in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

Isn’t this a wake up call for the public to be aware on the abusive practices of our lawmen in enforcing arrest? Of course the police people have the right to defend themselves. What is only written her is a public perception whether the police performed their duties in a manner that no human right is being abused.

By the way the DOJ secretary has ordered the immigration office to put Failon in the watch list for being a suspect in the death of his wife. Some people seemingly noted that the secretary had been insinuating that the wife of Failon possibly did not commit suicide. But everybody has his own right of opinion.

On the other hand Failon is a radio/TV news anchor who is also known for his being a critic to the Arroyo’s administration. 

Sana lumabas ang katotohanan and that justice be done.



  1. Ano bang klaseng batas na mayroon tayo sa Pinas,kulang sa training ang mga pulis.Hindi nila dapat arestuhin ang tao kapag wala silang dalang warrant of arrest.Sampahan nila ng kaso,hindi iyung huhulihin muna bago samapahan ng kaso.

  2. Akala ko ako lang ang na-highblood sa nakita kong pag-aresto ng mga foolish, este pulis sa mga kaanak at kasambahay ni Ted Failon, pati din pala ang ating mga mambabatas kagaya nina Mar Roxas, Kiko Pangilinan, Raffy Biazon, at pati na rin si Mayor Binay. I am sure marami pa diyan ang nagalit din sa nakitang hindi makatarungang pag-aresto ng mga pulis.

    Tama si pareng Cocoy, anong klaseng batas ang mayroon tayo? Sana hindi ito palalampasin ng Human Rights Office at Senado. At dapat ding kasohan ang mga pulis na iyan na kahit pa sa intensive care unit ng hospital ay nagsasagawa ng pagaresto.

    Kung nababasa ito ng mga kaibigan at si Ted Failon mismo, pare ko ako ay nakikiramay sa iyo. Ituloy mo lang ang ginagawa mo bilang isang broadcaster, alam ko bumabawi lang ang mga iyan sa iyo.

  3. Kawawa din naman itong si Atty. Acosta ng PAO, tinawag pa siyang crazy. Crazy nga ba ang paggawa ng mabuti at pagtupad ng tungkulin. Baka ang mga nagsasabing crazy siya ang ganon, haha.

  4. Pati nga si Gov. Chavit Singson binatikos ang ginawang marahas na pagtrato at inasal ng mga pulis sa pagaresto ng mga suspek. Kung ating matatandaan, si Chavit ay dating hepe ng pulisya sa kanyang bayan sa Ilocos Sur.

    Mabuti pa si Chavit alam niya ang tama, tsk tsk.

    Tama nga ba ang balita na sinibak na ang mga pulis na involved sa marahas na pagaresto sa mga suspek.

  5. Alam kaya ni PNP chief Versosa na malaking blackeye sa mga kapulisan ang ginawang pagmamalabis ng kanilang mga kabaro sa pagaresto ng mga kaanak at katulong ni Mr. Failon?

    Pustahan tayo ilalaglag ng kanilang mga pinuno ang mga tauhan nilang nagmalabis para isalba ang kanilang mga sarili.

  6. naku, nabasa at napanood ko din to! grabe nga eh, i can’t even believe na gagawin ng mga pulis yun, in the middle of the tragedy nakikisawsaw pa sila. condolence to ted failon’s family! ndi ito maganda at lalong ndi dapat i tolerate!

  7. Quezon City police is now looking at the angle of suicide on the death of Failon’s wife.
    DOJ secretary Gonzales on the other hand is defending the policemen who arrested failon’s house help and his sister in laws on charges filed by the police against the TV anchor person on obstruction of justice.

  8. I don’t understand most of these comments! ARGHHHHHHH

  9. i was super bothered also, esp when it was clearly showed how forceful they took the brother of Trina. They could’ve invited them, and i really don’t believe it when they said “nagpupumiglas kasi.” maybe yeah, but it’s a normal reaction of someone na nawalan ng mahal sa buhay.

  10. ototman,

    comments here are mostly in tagalog because we are pinoys.

    a caucasian (or maybe a trojan) like will not really understand because you only read and speak “ewan”.

    better learn than smirk, okoy?

  11. “……a caucasian (or maybe a trojan) like YOU will not really understand because you only read and speak “ewan”.

  12. Tito Magno,
    Naotot po ako sa banat ninyo kay ottotman, est otto Mann. Heheheheheheheh.

    Sana bumalik siya uli at nakakaintindi na ng tagalog, heheheh.

  13. Girl some people need to be enlightened. This is the truth, a lesson from Failon’s family tragedy.

    I am inviting everybody to come to my clinic and read my new post, “Seek the Truth.”

    My prayers for Jun Lozada, may God keep your strength and faith always as you continue seeking the truth.

  14. yeah! Buti na lang na media. Kawawa namn di Ted. T.T

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