Posted by: Mer Pints | November 17, 2008

Game of the Generals 2 (Ang Laro ni Mirriam)

For clearing his superiors, retired Police General Elisio dela Paz  has made himself more liable for the P6.9 million (105,000 euros) fund mess of the PNP delegation to the Interpol conference in Russia. It has to be remembered that De la Paz, a PNP comptroller was held by Russian airport authorities in Moscow on October 11, 2008 for carrying money beyond the allowable limits. But in the Senate probe last Saturday he absolved his superior PNP chief Jesus Verzosa and Interior and Local Government Secretary Ronaldo Puno from the fund mess by saying “I did it on my own behalf.”

But Senator Mirriam Defensor Santiago, chair of the foreign affairs committee was not convinced of De la Paz’s statement. She said what happened was “a part of bigger conspiracy.” Santiago believed that De la Paz was only trying to exonerate high ranking police officials since middle-level officials were known to cover up for their superiors. “You are caught between the devil and the hard rock,” Santiago said. 

Because of this, dela Paz and other high-ranking Philippine National Police (PNP) officials took a direct hit from Santiago. She told the PNP officials that they were obviously lying in their statements before the Senate body investigating the “contingency scam.” Probably trying to ridicule the police officials failed bid to hide the truth Santiago told Senior Superintendent Tomas Rentoy III “Dapat kung mag-iimbento ka, may two-thirds of the truth (You should have two-thirds of the truth when inventing a lie).” 

Another Police Scam? 

While the Senate investigates  high-ranking officials of the Philippine National Police last Saturday on the 105,000 euros brought undeclared to Russia,  Senator Santiago unveiled another  PNP controversy: “the police trainees scam.” According to Santiago the PNP receives millions of pesos every year as part of its budget for trainees who are enlisting to the police force. The fund is allocated for the trainees from January to December each year. But as per Commission on Audit report, the amount was never used for its intended purpose. Santiago alleged the amount was used for other purposes such as “to finance vacation packages, bribery, and other transactions by some PNP officials.” 

However, a report from the Commission on Audit (COA) said that in 2005, the amount was never used. Instead of it being utilized for its intended purpose, Santiago alleged that the amount financed vacation packages, bribery and other transactions by some PNP officials. The sum of unused funds for trainees, according to Santiago, would add up to P623 million and may probably be the source of the contingency funds. 

Filing Charges of Graft and Malversation 

Charges of graft and malversation should be filed against retired Philippine National Police (PNP) comptroller Eliseo de la Paz, a congressman said Sunday.

Parañaque City Rep. Roilo Golez said that that the charges of Graft and Malversation should be filed against retired PNP comptroller Eliseo dela Paz by the Office of the Ombudsman as more details on the P6.93 million cash advance were brought out at the Senate’s hearing last Saturday. But the Office of the Ombudsman on Monday said it has yet to file a graft case against former police comptroller Eliseo dela Paz pending verification of his testimony at the Senate last Saturday on the 105,000 euros fund mess.

Assistant Ombudsman Mark Jalandoni said that as part of procedure, their office will interview a number of personalities on Wednesday regarding the “euro generals” controversy. 

Jalandoni said graft and malversation charges could be filed against dela Paz following his admission that he violated Philippine National Police rules on the release of funds. But as part of procedure, the Office of the Ombudsman will still have to interview a number of personalities regarding the controversy on the contingency funds.

I would like to make clear that we will still be comparing dela Paz’s admission with the documents that we already have. What he said may not be necessarily true,” he said when interviewed at a morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda” of ABS-CBN. 

PNP Reform 

As an aftermath of the Senate’s probe last Saturday, National Police chief Director General Jesus Versoza issued a statement released by the PNP last Sunday that “appropriate reforms are underway in all aspects of police administration and management that were discussed during the height of the Senate Blue Ribbon and Foreign Relations committees last Saturday.” This includes a “thorough review of existing policies and procedures involved in fiscal management, procurement, foreign travel, and recruitment.” 

Likewise the PNP directorial Staff has also been ordered to “formulate policies that will strengthen the PNP Internal Affairs Service and possibly expand its oversight function.” 

Bakit Ngayon Lang? 

Pagkatapos igisa at mapahiya sa Senado dahil sa pag-imbestiga ng mga senador sa contingency fund scam ang mga tinaguriang “euro generals” ito nagpalabas na ng direktiba ang pamunuan ng Philippine National Police para baguhin ang mga pamamaraan sa pamamalakad ng pondo ng mga Kapulisan sa buong bansa. Magandang layunin ito lalo na at nagsilabasan na ang mga di-umanoy katiwalian sa paglustay ng pondo ng naturan ahensiya ng pamahalaan. Ngunit bakit ngayon lang. Bakit nang magkabukohan na ay bigla-bigla na lang isiningit itong konsepto ng reporma? Isa na naman kayang hakbang ito upang iligaw na naman ang isyu sa publiko?

Makahulugan din ang pagsasabi ni Senador Lacson na dapat ay kasama din sina DILG secreatary Puno at National Police chief Director General Jesus Versoza sa maaring kasuan ng Ombudsman sa isyu ng “contingency fund scam.” Ito kaya ay dahil sa aspeto ng “command responsibility” o may mas malalim pa silang kaugnayan sa naturang isyu? Kung mapatunayang nagkasala nga ng graft at malversation of public funds itong si General dela Paz ay hindi kukulangin ng 20 years na sintensiya niya. Ano kaya ang laro ni senador Mirriam dito?




  1. Malalim ang laro ni Senador Mirriam dito girl. May kaugnayan kaya ito kay Sekretaryo Puno ng DILG?

  2. I hope the Senate shall investigate further on the police recruitment scam if ever there is truth to such.

  3. As long as Puno is there, hindi maaawat si Miriam. She has an ax to grind kaya gusto nyang gamitin ang kanyang palakol. If we recall, nagsimula ang bangayan noon under Erap where Puno was DILG secretary, the same position Puno holds for gloria while Miriam then was an staunch defender of Erap, the same stance she’s doing for gloria at present. Strange bedfellows itong dalawang ito at ngayon, part 2 sa laro naman ng euro generals.

  4. With the ouster of Manny Villar as senate president and Enrile taking over, magkakaroon ng ibang complexion ang laro sa senado in so far as the euro generals and bolante capers are concerned. One reason given for the downfall of Villar was his approval to continue the investigation of Bolante and the arrest order for Gen. dela Paz as instigated by Miriam. Strangely, Miriam was not present during the resignation of Villar and where Enrile was voted upon. We have yet to hear the reaction of Miriam as we know, she’s also eyeing the senate presidency ahead of Enrile.

  5. The plan PNP reform is a ploy to divert the attention of the public on the heat created by the euro generals. Sa papel lang yan and for all we know, policies are in place, it’s in the implementation. Ang problema ay ang mga nakapwesto mismo. Just like in the government, whether local, provincial or national.

  6. kaloka ang dramang to! back to back corruption investigation taz me scam pang lumabas, puro na lang kurakot investigation, pansin nyo di ba? hanggang ganun lang tayo. haaayyy!

  7. The games Mirriam plays is directed to Puno. It is not the generals, it is Puno. But one thing good is achieved here, this is now the right time to clean the PNP. If the police could bribe anybody then they can do anything they want without fear of being prosecuted. In other words, police at that, many think they are untouchable.

  8. Corruption in the PNP is a chain. It starts with the recruits to the highest post in the police organization if unchecked. Mirriam may look like a witch to some of the police officials but she has a broom to run after the erring police officials.

  9. C- 5 at taga that’s how Senator Jamby Madrigal described the Senate president’s resignation drama yesterday. I am pro-Villar but I think it is best for the former Senate president to resign. At least he could clear his name from accusation being an ordinary senator without the notion that he might be using his position to whitewash the C-5 controversy. What the senators who have ambitions for 2010 did not realize, they just unleashed an opportunity for Villar to get public sympathy since his rating is fast moving upward separating him and Noli de Castro only with a very thin margin.

  10. Enrile is the most convenient replacement for Villar. He has no more political agenda for 2010. The opposition, Ping Lacson and Jinggoy Estrada bloc, find Enrile the right guy since the newly installed Senate president is perceived to be an administration ally and could tow both lines for the administration and the opposition. Enrile on the other hand has all the reason to support too the opposition being a party mate (Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino) of Joseph Estrada. Enrile could play either way, on the side of the administration or on the side of the opposition. But hardliners in the opposition may be watching every move of Enrile being a compromise-leadership in the Senate for fear of catering to the palace agenda of cha-cha, and the on-going senate’s investigation of Bolante’s fertilizer scam, and the euro general’s contingency fund scam. In effect it may also undermine Noli de Castro’s bid for 2010.
    Another possible scenario, Villar out from the opposition to join the administration and Enrile out being an administration ally. And Mirriam may possibly enter into the scene as a possible fiscalizer in the Enrile’s leadership. Anong sey ninyo dito Kap, mang Joeseg, mang Cocoy and to our lady bloggers manay Chi, Colegiala, and Segundina?

  11. Banong,
    Not only the generals know how to play, senators too outplay and outsmart each other in the name of political interest. Banong be aware that crabs do not only exist on the sea, lakes, and river. The also thrive in Congress– upper and lower house.

  12. sa mga lumalabas na mga investigastions na yan at kung ano ano pang kadramahan sa pera sa gobyerno, parang ang yaman yaman ng pilipinas ano? milyones ang mga lumalabas na pera. kung ibibigay nila yan sa mga matinong proyekto e matino na rin sana ang pinas ngayon. kaso mo basta nakihalo yata ang salapi at ang kapangyarihan e nagiging gahaman ang mga humahawak nito

  13. Banong

    We have the same wavelength on what you wrote abobe.

    Dito nga, hintayin natin ang reaction ni Miriam on the sudden wind of change in the upper chamber. Would it become a chamber of horror if talagang naisahan si Miriam as averred by Kapitan K?

    I could imagine her mouth frothing with profanities in anger dahil she may claim na nauna siyang lumipat sa poder ni da gloria, very ahead kay Enrile, dapat siya ang nakaupo. Sinadya na may sakit siya nang gawin ang pagpapalit ng liderato. Abangan natin.

  14. Oy napindot ko agad. Anong abobe?

    It should be: What you wrote about Enrile.

  15. I think Enrile has resigned already from PMP. Unti-unti siyang umalis sa oposisyon, first declaring himself as independent kowtowing to nobody/ Afterwards, we hear and read that then openly admitted and declared that he’s an administration ally.

    Marami ring laro itong si Sen. Enrile, much more than the game of the generals. We recall of his outbursts lambasting a foreign businessmen to get out of the country and bring their businesses with them out of the Philippines.

  16. Katulad nang naiposte ko sa CD at Barangay Kidlatan, because of the waning age and waning popularity of Enrile, he might just make a bold move to the other side and lead his fellow senators another coup d ‘tat this time against da gloria. Wishful thinking ika nga, but could happen, reminiscent of the EDSA uno, if he and Honasan would like to make a reprise.

  17. Medyo naghalungkat ako ng lumang baul to retrieve some news of the same dimension as the Senate reorganization and relevant to the topic.

    In July of 2006, when Manny Villar was elected as Senate President, Miriam said: The Senate is now dominated by a mutant majority.

    The core group of 13 who elected Villar as senate president is composed of both administration and opposition senators. Thus, the new Senate majority is an aberration at birth. If it were a car, it would be a hybrid. If it were a horse, it would be a piebald. Wonders never cease in politics. What we are seeing is the art of the political deal.

    To repeat, that was in 2006.

  18. According to Madrigal..The sipag at tiyaga ni Manny Villar ay naging kurakot at taga….

  19. Sandali lang po. Ano itong nabasa ko na Na-Wow-Mali daw itong si Lito Lapid sa pagboto kay Enrile kaya binawi na niya ang kanyang boto. Totoo kaya ito girl, Banong? Baga may nasagap diyan si Manong Joe, paki-correct lang kung ako din ang na-Wow Mali.

    The point is, if ever Lito Lapid make bawi his vote to Lolo Juan, I don’t know but it is possible that lolo Juan may step down too because Enrile’s votes is reduced from 13 to 12. Another manifestation for lack support maybe at the offing.

  20. And this time it might be a toss between Pimentel and Mirriam on who will be the next Senate President. I am sure Villar may side with anyone of the two (Tita Mirriam and Lolo Aquilino) then another Senate president shall be installed. This makes Enrile to hold the most shortlived presidency in the Senate. If Tita shall be installed she will make life difficult for the euro generals. If Lolo Aquilino will be the one to replace Lolo Juan, manganganib si Zubiri kapag umusad iyong protesta ng kanyang anak sa pagka-senador. Ako’y naniniwala na marami pang maaring mangyari diyan.

  21. De la Paz made a good investment in his life. 30 years in service and 20 years in jail.—-Simpleton only does that.

  22. After the Senate started investigating on the issue of the “euro generals” scandal the PNP started to reorganize. General Bataoil is now the NCRPO chief after General Barias has been reassigned to another function. What is the PNP trying to do, to create an impression the agency is dead serious in implementing reforms to the police organization. But some sectors of the society are not happy about it. Are they sparing the highest post in the organization from moral and legal accountability in relation with the contingency scam scandal? What about Senator Santiago’s accusation about the police recruitment scam?

  23. Girl,
    Pasyal ka muna sa bahay ko at may nangyayari nang milagro sa isang Hotel sa Baguio City. Huwag ka nang magtanong kung ano iyon at mabibigla kayong lahat.

  24. Secondlady,
    Totoo bang kontrolado ng Simbahang Katolika ang kaisipan ng ating mga Kongresista na tuwiran nang sinasabi ng mga Kaparian ang kamatayan ng Reproductive Health Bill? Ako’y naniniwala na maipapasa pa rin iyan dahil iyan ang kagustohan ng mga nakakarami.

  25. sa pagpalit ng liderato ng senado, maipagpapatuloy pa kaya ang maiinit na imbestigasyon sa mga kahangalang pinasok nila bolante at dela paz e taga-administrasyon na ang nakaupo ngayon?

  26. ginoray,
    Mukhang gustong magpakitang gilas itong si Enrile. Tignan natin baka nga mag-iba ang ihip ng hangin at makalboro na naman itong imbistigasyon ng Senado sa mga Lis-pu na nabuking sa Moscow dahil sa sobrang daming pera na dala nila hehehe.

  27. Ginoray,
    Nagpapasalamat ng pala kami sa pamamasyal mo sa aming Barangay at sa mga iba pang kakamping blogs ng pinangungunahan ng Cocoy’s Delight.

    Gaya ng nasabi ko sa Barangay Kidlatan, mukhang madaling maglaho itong bagong mayorya sa Senado. Ang tingin kasi ni Senador Aquilino ay parang halo-halo itong bagong mayorya na madaling matunaw.

    Sa isang banda maganda naman ang sinasabi nitong si Manong Johnny Enrile. Tuloy daw ang imbestigasyon at kailangang managot ang dapat managot sa batas sa mga nagawang katiwalian.

  28. Matagal na bakante ang postings dito a. Baka nasa bakasyon ang mga taga Barangay.

    May namumuo nang hidwaan between One Ponce Enrile at Miriam. Noon palang botohan, wala raw sakit si Miriam kundi umiwas lamang dahil ayaw niyang iboto si One. Ilang beses tinawagan ni One sa bahay pero ang sabi ng asawa ni Miriam, nasa simbahan. Nang tumawag uli kinabukasan, nasa simbahan uli. Talagang relihyosa pala itong si Miriam. Tapos noong araw ng botohan, nagpasabi na may sakit at nang tawagan ni One, nasa simbahan naman daw.

    Ngayon, inalisan na siya ni One ng chairmanship sa committees na na hinahawakan. Malalaman natin sa mga session sa Senado kung ano ang magiging laro ni Miriam, hindi sa mga generals, kung kay One.

  29. Oops, wrong mistake. Akala ko nasa Barangay Kidlatan pa ako, nakalipat na pala rito.

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