Posted by: Mer Pints | October 30, 2008

Bishops Going Banana? (Your “Liberator” is Just at the Corner)

Just a day before Joc-joc Bolante could set foot in the Philippines; five CBCP bishops who are very vocal against the Arroyo’s administration sponsored a forum and held a press conference to denounce what they call massive top-to-bottom corruption in the government hinting they are now ready to support people’s power revolt to oust from power the Arroyo’s government. Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, CBCP president who led the other bishops in the forum (Lingayen Archbishop Oscar Cruz, Bataan Bishop Socrates Villegas, Masbate Bishop Joel Baylon and Bishop Emeritus Jose Sorra), said that the  “liberators” may be just around the corner and hoped these “liberators will in a courageous peaceful way effectively and uncompromisingly reform our country.” 

“In response to the global economic crisis and the pitiful state of our country, the time to rebuild our country economically, socially, politically, is now. The time to start radical reforms is now. The time for moral regeneration is now. The time to conquer complacency, cynicism and apathy to prove that we have matured from our political statements is now. The time to prepare a new government is now,” Lagdameo said during the CBCP forum. 

 Lagdameo assured the public that there is no such thing as futility in trying to change the present system and they should not lose hope however. “In spite of the seemingly hopeless and negative prognosis, our liberation may yet serendipitously happen. We are dreaming, praying and hoping that our county may yet have the needed liberators.” 

On his part, bishop Villegas urged the public “not to be passive” but engage “in active involvement” in effecting a change in governance. He believes that if we could only curb corruption by half of its present level this would immensely benefit the country. “The problem is not population, the problem is rampant corruption,” Villegas said apparently targeting government’s initiative for the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill. 

Villegas said had it not been of corruption the country would have been better prepared to deal with the ongoing global financial crisis. This was further supported by Bishop’s Cruz who said that the country ‘is now in a precarious, dangerous, and critical situation’ due to massive corruption which could be blamed to the ‘incumbent occupant’ in Malacanang..

But what have the CBCP Bishops eaten to sponsor a forum a press conference to attack the Arroyo’s government of massive corruption from top to bottom and intimated to the public that now is the time to start radical reforms and that the people should stand alongside the so called “liberators” in this struggle?What are they trying to imply? Is this some kind of blackmail for the administration not to pursue with the Reproductive Health Bill? Or are they sending a strong message to the Arroyo’s administration not to undermine the impeachment complaint filed against the president? It could also be interpreted that the Bishops want to be heard and warn the Arroyo’s administration on the issues of corruption such as the latest “Euro Generals contingency fund scandal,” and the slow action/inaction of the Ombudsman in filing and prosecuting a plunder case against the so called architect of “fertilizer scam” Joc-joc Bolante. 

But some groups find the action of the five bishops (there were other 7 bishops suppose to join them but could not make it for whatever reasons) untimely and uncalled for. It is bad for business and capital investment according to Makati businessmen; Justice Raul Gonzales considered their act as an act of treason and that they can be prosecuted for doing so; and Malacanang said they (the bishops) don’t represent the general sentiment of the public. Other bishops said that the statements of Lagdameo and the other bishops do not necessarily stand for the entire CBCP. On his part, General Yano beg to disagree with the bishops saying that the role of the military is to protect the people and the Constitution and should not be involved in politics. 

Other people are also of the idea that the bishops are just making a noise so they could draw public support by riding again on the issue of corruption and the ousting of the Arroyo government. Many believe that the Catholic Church has already lost its grip on the religious and political will of the people as shown in the latest SWS survey (where most Catholics said they support the “Reproductive Health Bill” and the teaching of “sex education” in the public school). 

Only God knows what is exactly in the hearts of the 5 bishops particularly CBCP president Jaro Bishop Lagdameo when they held a press conference. But aren’t they telling the truth when they talk of massive corruption in the government and that the Philippine government is one of the most corrupt government in the world? And is it not their social and moral obligation too to remind people of their patriotic duties and to awaken their souls when they are already callous to issues of wrong-doings in the government, and rampant corruption in the country?



  1. Itong mga pare kapag mahina ang collection ng simbahan ay nag-iingay,pero malaki ang naipong abuloy ay “Praise the Lord”

  2. Where does one begin? Re never-ending saga of the republic that is the Philippines and the pervasive corruption in government and outside it, I can only encourage people to simply take action for themselves. Asking the nation to take action to create reform is too big a task. I still believe that we can all start with the individual. If everyone pitched in – in their families, schools, barangays, companies/organisations – then a new order of things will eventually be born. If there is anything I hope my fellow Pinoys will revolt against is the constant bickering and finger-pointing. We cannot change others, only ourselves. So if we do what’s best for us, our families, our students, our employees, then we’re not failing anyone. Let the Arroyo government sort themselves out.

    In the meantime, the CBCP really just need to move with the times. If they insist on actively opposing teaching sex in schools, distributing condoms and discussing other methods of contraception, only the people will lose out. I do not advocate promiscuity nor would I wish young people to induldge in sex at every whim. Better informed though than to go into it not realising what the consequences will be. Unfortunately, abstinence is not the most appealing option to people who enjoy sex or would like to explore it.

  3. The presence of Archbishop Oscar Cruz in the group led me to believe that CBCP is now ready to play aggresive part in rallying the people to oust the present Malacanang occupant. We could recall that Arch. Cruz has been in the forefront, as a seemingly lone voice from the church, in his crusade against gambling and his continued denunciation on what ails the gloria regime. With four other imminent church officials with the CBCP president in the person of Archbishop Lagdameo in harness. it could be a good sign.

  4. Previously, Bishop Socrates Villegas was mentioned for his role in the San Carlos Seminary seminary when the Hello Garci tapes controversy erupted. Allegedly, he helped Sgt. Doble to be spirited out from the Seminary thus averting a bloody confrontaion. He was former spokesperson for the late Cardinal Sin and headed the EDSA shrine for sometime. No doubt, Bishop Villegas of Balanga, Bataan diocese is one of the most promising figure in the present church hierarchy. His presence among the prelates in denouncing the government is worth watching in the days to come.

    As to the so called “liberators”, we know that there are many, just waiting for the right time.

  5. We don’t know which came first, but apart from the condemnation from the CBCP, a news from the Vatican reported that Pope Benedict XVI, speaking during the presentation of credentials by the new Philippine Ambassador to Vatican, called to government to provide more and better jobs to Filipinos so that they wouldn’t have to work abroad and leave their families behind. The Pontiff took note of the fact that eight million Filipinos are working outside the country.

  6. “I still believe that we can all start with the individual. If everyone pitched in – in their families, schools, barangays, companies/organisations – then a new order of things will eventually be born.”

    Spoken like a true hypocrite – Joy – if only your actions had revealed your true sense of honesty, your determination for unbiased truth in the past – maybe I’d believe you now.
    But as it was, you were compelled by your blind patriotism, your unerring defensiveness in support of your fellow countrymen and women – despite their credentials.
    You are still hiding from the truth – or you would allow comments from me on your website.

  7. Thanks joy and ellumbra for your brilliant comments. You are always welcome here.

  8. Tito Joe and tito Cocoy sana may mangyari. Hindi pa huli ang lahat. Sabi nga nila isang maliit lang na pagkakamali tuloy-tuloy na ang pag-aklas ng mga tao.
    There is much the present administration can do to stop graft and corruption. But first it must start with the Executive then the other branches of the government. Aren’t they talking of honest and righteous government?

  9. Radical change? Ito po ang pinapangarap ng buong bansa. Kailangan ang isang radical na pagbabago. Sabi nga ng mga obispo, huwag nang magpatumpiktumpik pa. Ngayon na ang pagkilos. Hindi bukas hindi sa mga susunod pang araw ang pagbabago, ngayon na. Iyong sinasabi nilang panawagan lang ito ng limang obispo not the entire CBCP, I beg to disagree. Handa na ng mga kaparian na tumayo alongside with the people para ipagtanggol ang interes ng bayan. Sana nga matupad ang minimithing pangarap na iyan ng mga nakakaraming tao sa bansa.

  10. Ang sunog daw ay naguumpisa sa isang maliit na apoy. Itong mga Voltes 5 na obispo, mahina man ang kanilang mga tinig, ay maari ding maging inspirasyon ng mga kabataan para sila na ang maghanap ng katotohanan at himukin ang mga nakakatanda na putulin na ang ugat ng mga Korapsiyon at pagsasamantala ng mga nasa poder. Hanggang hindi nagkakaisa at patuloy na nagkakawatak-watak ang mga tao, walang radikal na pagbabago na makakamit ng bansa. Sa akin nasa mga kabataan pa rin ang pag-asa ng ating bansa. What we need to establish a righteous government is a self-less population and a self-less leadership.

  11. I have nothing against the bishops, I know some of them are very nationalistic and really seeking for a radical change in this country. What I don’t like are some bishops who protect the interest of the palace in exchange of some material favor. At the time their participation to people’s power was needed, they did not support it except for some. They are not united as the opposition politicians. I believe many of the bishops have lost their political as well as religious influence on the people.

  12. well, eto na naman tayo. turuan ng turuan pero sa likod nun e may sariling agenda pala. and for ellumbra, what are you doing pestering joy with your presence when this isnt her blog?

  13. Magandang Linggo ng umaga Philippines and World. Panahon na naman ng Umdas at sana ay nairaos natin ng masaya at matagumpay ang ating pagala-ala sa mga mahal nating yumao na. My Love and Kisses to all my dear friends at sa lahat nang Filipino here in the Philippines and abroad.

  14. Mag-uumpisa na naman ng Senate Investigation kay Joc-joc Bolante. Tiyak na nakabantay na naman ang lahat specially itong ating mga kapariaan kabilang na ang mga obispo gayun din ang ibang mga religion na nagmamatiyag sa mga kaganapan sa ating bansa.
    Ito ang panahon na dapat tayo ay magka-isa upang isulong ang kapakanan ng ating bansa. Magsalita ang may mga naiisip ng magagandang bagay para mapakinggan ang nagiisang tining ng mga mamayan tungo sa pagkaka-isa at pagbabago.

  15. Malala daw ang sakit ni Bolante at nirisitahan ng benadryl.

    Dapat sa mga bishop na ito kung gusto nila ng radical change ay mauna na sila sa kalsada at ibandera na nila ang mga placard nila.Susunod naman ang masa kung tunay ang panawagan nila.

    Kay waiting lord ba sila?

  16. kamusta po ang undas ninyo?

    di kc ako nagcecelebrate ng araw ng mga patay eh… pero araw ng mga patay na puso oo… hehe!

    wel, benadryl din kaya ang makapagpapabuhay sa puso ko? hehe!

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