Posted by: Mer Pints | June 30, 2008

LTO enforcers Grounded (Buti nga sa inyo; habulin din ang mga kotong na MMDA at City traffic enforcers)

Nearly half of LTO enforcers suspended, grounded

The Philippine Star

About half of approximately 350 enforcers of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Metro Manila have been grounded or suspended pending investigation due to complaints against them.


LTO chief Alberto Suansing said during Sunday’s Balitaan sa Tinapayan in Manila that in some of the surprise visits he made, the LTO enforcers “have not enforced the traffic laws and regulations” and “have done other things during their time.”


Suansing said that since he assumed the post of LTO chief on Jan. 30, he has been having a difficult time. He has contacted the Philippine National Police and the Traffic Management Group (TMG) to help take care of the traffic problem in Metro Manila.


“We are trying to go after colorum vehicles, dilapidated vehicles. Little by little, we are addressing all of these problems,” he said.


Suansing admitted that some of the LTO traffic enforcers have been engaged in corruption.


“It is hard to transform. They have been used to everyday corruption, where every day they receive under the table payments, on top of what they get from their salaries,” Suansing said.


He said he told LTO personnel that working in the agency is a “public service” and pointed out that “as LTO chief, I have a very low salary. My take-home pay is very low compared to what I used to earn in the private sector.”


Suansing said there are 260 LTO offices nationwide, with LTO personnel monitoring a 260-kilometer road network.


He also said they are monitoring some private drug testing companies suspected of engaging in anomalous transactions. A drug test is required for driver’s license applicants.


Suansing said the LTO is in the final stage of establishing a link up with other agencies to enable paperless transactions.





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