Posted by: Mer Pints | May 25, 2008

Celebrating Birthday with Gays (Mga bading lang ba?)

(Ruffa Mae Quinto’s pictures posted in the internet)

Rufa Mae Quinto, a popular comedienne-actress is tired of showbiz style of celebrating birthdays with concerts, shows and personal appearances to orphanages and other social services agencies. This time she wants to spend her birthday with aging gays. This actress who did not only become popular with her talents but a pair of big boobs, has endeared gays of all ages with her mouthing of colorful language and “heavy shaking of her head and hair” on screen. She shares with the sentiments of pro-grays that they too deserve respect and are entitled to seek their own happiness.


Rufa Mae to celebrate birthday with gays

by Boy Villasanta
Comedienne-actress Rufa Mae Quinto is considering to spend her May 28 birthday with elderly gays.

In an interview with, the buxom-bodied actress said is toying with the idea of paying a visit to Home for the Golden Gays, a center for aging homosexuals in David Street in Pasay City. It supported by ex-councilor and movie journalist Justo C. Justo.

On May 19, during an advance birthday party at Justo’s residence, Quinto admitted she’s tired of celebrating her birthday with concerts, shows, personal appearances to orphanages and other social welfare institutions.

“Hindi na nga ako nag-debut, ano ba! (I didn’t even celebrate my debut, so what gives!)” Rufa Mae half-jokingly said in her friendly, gaily and singsong manner.

She said she couldn’t think of other ways to mark an important day in her life until comedian Diego Llorico, a close friend and colleague, thought of a different kind of celebration.

“I like gay people. Masaya sila. Kaya nga nang sabihin sa akin na may mga edad na bakla ang pupuntahan at sa kanila ko isi-celebrate ang birthday, sabi ko, okey, ha. Ibang klase naman. (They’re happy people so when I was told we would go to aging gays and celebrate my birthday with them, I told myself, okay. It’s a different thing altogether),”

Quinto’s flaunting of her buxom body, heavy shaking of her head and hair, and mouthing of colorful language on screen has endeared her to gays of all ages. Observers say that among the local female celebrities, Quinto most fit the tag, “queer queen.”


Quinto said gays should be respected and recognized for their talents.

While gays and their life choices usually spark controversy in a generally conservative society like the Philippines, the sexy commedienne said she shared the sentiments of pro-gays that they too deserve a happy life sans discrimination.

Is she, therefore, in favor of same-sex marriage?

“Basta masaya lang ang mga tao, okey lang. Hindi ko na sakop kung may batas o wala ng same-sex marriage. Karapatan nila ‘yon,” came her matter-of-fact reply.      

Both Quinto and friend, Llorico, who suggested Quinto’s visit to the aging homosexuals center, grew up in Malibay, Pasay City. If their plans would push through, it would be like a journey to the past. “Two years din akong tumira kasama ang lola ko sa Malibay. (I spent two years when I was a kid living in Malibay with my grandmother),” confessed the sexy star.

Quinto admitted that her current flame, foreigner Bobby Lopez, wouldn’t be around during her birthday on May 28. “Marami siyang trabaho. (He has a lot of work),” she said.









  1. Ano kaya ate at kuya, gumigimik lang ba kaya ang ating lola? Tutot na tutot ba ito?

  2. Nag seseksehang mga chicks ang naipon dito sa bahay mo,Hehehe! dalasan ko nga ang pagbisita ko rito baka madevelop ang pag-ibig at pagmamahal ko sa magiging number two.Sabihin sa mga macho doon sa kapehan na gumimik sila dito.

  3. Hi, Tito Cocoy…
    Salamat po for the visit. Mga sexy dito ay mga available pa.

    Kaya kung may nalulungkot sa mga macho natin sa kapehan ay puwedi silang pumunta dito at makipag-usap (lang?) sa mga nurses trained in counseling and physical tapik-tapik, he-he-he. Thank you po.

  4. Ka-sexy talaga iyang si RMQ. Maganda na talented pa. Naku mawiwili dito sa bahay mo ang mga tigasin na mahilig kumain ng champorado at uminom ng Starback na kape ni mang Cocoy. Nice post.

  5. What a beauty! Anyway, thanks for including me in your blogroll 🙂

  6. you are welcome mossavi. Thanks for visiting also. you are always welcome here.

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