Posted by: Mer Pints | April 16, 2008

Hello College Girl

I dont exactly know when I met this guy. He was very frank and packed a lot of air in his head. He intimated to me about his feelings to my friend Donna. I am not sure if he is really sincere with her or simply playing around with my friend. My friend on the other hand was also attracted with the guy.

“Mahal mo ba talaga si Donna,” I confronted him one time.

“What question is that naman, of course I do.”

I looked at him straight to  the eyes. “You better be, kasi I will patay you if you make loko with my friend.”

He just smiled at me. I don’t know if he was mad at me of what I told him. Better he did  so he will not bother me anymore. I just dont like him coming to see me and talk something about my friend. Besides Donna seems to be suspicious to me now. Me snatching his guy, that’s a lot of bullshit. I don’t like this guy. If Donna falls in love with him fine. It is no longer my fault if something happens to her.

A couple of week passed by, Mr. Frank Hangin (that’s how I call him) came to see me again. I was reading a teen magazine when he called me attention.

“Anong masamang hangin brought you here,” I could not control myself, I felt so annoyed with his presence.

“Galit ka ba sa akin?”

“Tinatanong ba iyan,” I answered him back.

“Bakit ang sungit mo, siguro may dalaw ka?”

“Gago, you have no manner. Who gave you the right to tell that to a lady? You are very bastos.”

His face turned red. I turned my back too and left in a hurry.

A month passed by without me seeing Mr. Frank Hangin. Strange, I felt like I was missing him. That gago, I miss him? But really I miss that gago for no apparent reason. Erase, erase that is not really true I told myself. But whom I was fooling? Myself, yes I am fooling myself because I am really missing this gago.

One afternoon Donna came to see me. She was so sad and crying. 

“Sino ang namatay, aso ninyo?”

“Puro ka kalokohan, don’t you know that Sam (in short for Samuel) just dropped all his subjects.

“H-ha, what happened?” I was trying to control myself because I felt like crying too. 

“His mom came home paralyzed, she had been maltreated by his employer in the Middle East.”

“Y-you mean his mom is an OFW?”

“Yes, a maid working to a rich family in Jordan.”

I was so shocked. Mr. Frank Hangin was living like a millionaire’s son here yet his mom was working like a horse in the Middle East?

Donna looked at me. “Tell me the truth, magboyfriend na ba kayo ni Sam?”

“Of course not, he did not even make ligaw to me. Besides I hate that gago, he is very mahangin.”

“Really?” Again Donna looked at me.

“Wala, baka kayo. He told me he likes you.”

Donna laughed so loud, she is like sira ulo, she cries and laugh. 

“To tell you the truth I had a feeling with him, but I had to give way to a friend who is so dear to me.”

“Donna you are so tanga, if you love him why did you not follow your heart. I can not be a hindrance to your happiness. That’s a lot of nonsense.”

“Why are you crying if it is nonsense. Mahal mo din siya di ba?”

I did not say a word but deep in my heart I felt so guilty. I know I am lying. The truth I love him.

Donna wiped off  her tears and embraced me.

“Pareho tayong tanga, pareho tayong nainlove.”

“Yes, pareho tayong pinaglaruan ng tadhana,” I said.

“Ano Mer tadhana? Malalim na Tagalog iyan a.”

That was long time ago. Now I am graduating this year with my nursing course. Soon I will be joining my mom and thousands of OFWs working abroad. 

This is the tadhana (destiny) I was talking about. Donna finished her Communication Arts earlier and now she is teaching English as a second language in China. And Sam, he is now in Canada working as a caregiver. He e-mailed me regularly; I know he will be my special guest during my graduation. 







  1. Hi, sana nagustuhan ninyo itong maikling kuwento ko. This is a true story.

  2. Hi Colegiala Gir!

    From Cocoy’s Delight, I don’t know why there’s that sudden urge to click your red lettered handle. And presto!! Ang ganda pala ng blog mo! The format is the same as Cocoy’s. Wonder if you’re the same mix as in a glass of halo-halo.

  3. And reading your story my dear Colegiala Girl, congratulations in your forthcoming graduation! And again, there’s a sheer coincidence with Ulirang Ama’s letter where his daughter is also graduating and he’s going to the Philippines to attend her graduation.

  4. Ang ganda naman ng triangul love story sa buhay ng life mo.
    Congrats! College girl.
    Keep on blogging.

  5. huli ka!

    salbahe ka. ga-gradweyt ka na rin pala!


  6. Mga tito at kuya salamat po sa pagbisita niyo. Hayaan po ninyo at ikukuwento ko pa ang mga pagluha ko sa buhay. Salamat po sa mga pagbati ninyo. Sana makapasa sa board at sana ay hindi pa makahanap ng iba si Mr. Hangin, biro lang.

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